H.F.B.A Nominee #2 – Minny

Eh, Minny ok? Not Mini or si kecik like what you think! Yes, another Penangnite, someone suggested that she should be featured And after discussing with a secret judge o’ mine, we decided to feature her because yes! She is yet another hot blogger with the blog – http://minnylicious.blogspot.com/


Yes yes, she is a vain person, sorry paiseh, I am this kind of person so yeah… YOU’RE SO VAIN LARRRR!!!! But again, vain nevermind, because she got the look to be vain! Kakaka, feel proud, sistah! When I first saw her in the Penang Bloggers’ Meeting, I was very attracted to her … hair, apart from that, she is a girl with attitude and style as well, look at how she blogs, artistic background, emo-style of writing but at the same time reflecting her inner beauty.

And of course, her quest does not just stop here! I’ve thrown her the 5 questions and look at the answers she provided!

1) Why do you think Cedric will invite you to be featured as a hot female blogger?

because i’m unique (: different. and i’m VAIN! hahaha.

2) What is your blog mainly about?

daily rantings. stuffs that everybody goes through. but honestly, mostly it’s about shopping.

Can see lar, wahsai those stuffs you buy, like drinking water only, suka, take, syok, ambil! GENG!

3) What will you do if someone leaves a nasty comment saying that you shouldn’t be featured?
say “i know u’re jealous. beh siok is it now?”

4) Do you think this “Hottest Female Blogger Award” will benefit you? If yes, how will it help?
of course! i can’t be Britney Spears or Shakira, so winning this will make me famous in a way. wahaha.
and it’ll promote my blog and my friend’s blogs too (:

5) Do you have any last comment on this award?
IF i win, i’ll tell you. OKAY? so must vote for me lor. right?

Wow, y’all heard what she said? And her personality has given hint to you that although her name is Minny, that doesn’t mean she is mini! Yes! Yet another darling to be featured! If you like her, then vote for her… Polls will be up after another 18 babes!

Ok now this is a little reminder for the readers out there, yes, I mentioned “HOT FEMALE BLOGGERS”, that does not mean I should put up or request for the contestant’s sexy picture, what lar? Respect them ok? Every girl dares to be revealing ka? We’re looking for the HOTTEST, not WHOREOUS ok?! And I do not specify that HOT must mean the outlook, eh, those girl who has the personality and knows how to blog is hot too ok?

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