H.F.B.A Nominee #1 – Erin Lim

Who is she? Hehehe, well her name is Erin Lim, an owner of her blog which is: http://erin56062.blogspot.com/.

Don’t think she’s just a normal girl who loves pink color and horny boys can lay ya hands on her. She is in fact … Wahlamak, when she starts talking, she talks a little bit like me, with all the niamah thing, call her rude but I will name this as her style, a personality which is so real and y’all better don’t mess with her! p/s: Nabeh she is as vain as I am. Damn! But never mind, she got the look to be vain wor, choi aa?

Each nominee has to answer 4 simple questions, and each has to figure out a way to answer to impress the readers, so I throw in 4 questions and I think Erin handled it pretty well!

1) Why do you think Cedric will invite you to be featured as a hot female blogger?
Cos.. he said that I talk like him,and also can read his mind???? Ngek… I’m pretty larh!!!

2) What is your blog mainly about?
my rantings and ups and downs of my life

I am quite impressed with her way to introduce the “My List” program, you can read about it here!

3) What will you do if someone leaves a nasty comment saying that you shouldn’t be featured?
I’ll reply them … ‘lei chui ah… jealous hioh’

4) Do you think this “Hottest Female Blogger Award” will benefit you? If yes, then how will it benefit you?
Yes! ..
Like that,i’ll be famous (or MORE famous) .. then in future if i go for pageant got supporter!
My blog might be fehmes too!!

5) Any last comment about this award?
The banner NICE leh… ….


p>Damn I love it when she answer those questions, short and precise, I told her to answer in long sentences but she insisted that short is enough already. Yep! Short and straight to the point! So boys and girls, take note that Erin Lim is my first nominee and this is how a nominee will be featured! If you think she deserves the prize(Will announce later), then vote for her when the poll is on! Kakakakaka…

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