Having fun in Thailand

I figured, one of the perks of having with my boy friend is the fact that he runs his own modeling agency. When we were having our so called holiday at Phuket, he was actually shooting for some show for a client there, with some really hunky Thai models.

At the end of the day, we ended up with loads of used cloths, from Burbery, cK, and etc. What can you really do with so much cloths?

Bi had a great idea, and we set out to the streets of Phuket to look for some cutie faces for our little modeling session. The studio? In our hotel room.

It wasn’t that hard for us to look for one, we both agreed that this boy would be suitable for us.

We tried fitting him into some of the cloths, it fitted well. Just the time as Bi started shooting, and me beside him admiring him, and the boy model that we found.

It fitted him well. Our room was way too messy for any good photo shoots from the mess that we did the previous night. Bi pointed the toilet, and then we both grinning with that wacky idea. The Thai boy could not understand English and probably wondering if we were going to rape him. Bi assured him in his fluent Tagalog that we just want to take some pictures, and at the end he will get paid for it as well.

The boy comply, and we took a few pictures. The shots turned out to be great, and then we started turning the faucet, wetting the boy.

The boy, on the other hand was having fun of his own. He is posing like he was one of those celebrities models. Bi was busy taking pictures, he had not noticed me who was lying on the hotel bed gently rubbing myself already.

Things might had gone out of hand, if Bi did not turn around looking back to me to see if I was okay. Everything was fine, except now that Bi had to handle 2 wet boys, and possibly 2 horny boys as well.

Did Bi manage to handle both of them? Stay tuned and fine out.

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