Gay, Safe and sound

Some readers seem worried about me. Thanks for your concern but I am fine. I was never in danger on this trip. I never had thought of the bad things that could happen.

Yes, I was at Phuket the day the plane crashed at the airport. My flight was the one before the other plane scheduled to land. It was raining cats and dogs but yes, me and my boy friend arrived safely.

My condolences to those that had pass away in the tragedy.

We were taken a back by the news on the 17th, which is what delayed our stay in Phuket until we have calmed down. We took the flight back just only this morning.

During the stay there, we had been to many places, met many beautiful people and make a lot of love. Maybe those stories later.

I am now tired, I want to get a warm bath and fall right at my comfy bed and have a good night’s sleep. My boy friend has long gone into dreamland, and it is now my time to join him.


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