Gay relationships always has to be sex

Inspired by Robb’s couple shot post, I thought of writing something similar to what my relationships ups and downs been going through.

I must admit, it is quite true to say that gay relationships do not last as long. Perhaps mainly the objective of a gay relationship is sex, sex and even more sex. I must admit that sex does come easier, if you are gay.

From all my relationships with my ex boy friends, I had only had a relationship that lasted me for 2 years; even that too started off with sex.

My very first boy friend was someone that I have bump into in a shopping mall, and I got to met him after a few conversation online. Our courtship never went out from my house, as he was really closet, and he did not want to be seen together with me by his friends.

It started out well, we enjoyed kissing each other, and eventually we had our first sexual encounter right in my bed room. We have been seeing each other this way for a year.

My second boy friend was a little more open. Meeting up with people that he know is gay, hanging out together is very very common with K. However, we did not meet up normally like any couple would have. I met him up in his relative’s place, and I was supposed to fetch him from his relative’s place back home.

It was the first night I was with K, it was also his first time having a boy friend, and sexual experience.

When I met A, things were a little different. We just had a chat over coffee, but that is what I would prefer to call it. In the actual fact, I was just busy checking out stuffs on my laptop while A look on. We hardly exchanged any words, and after that encounter, A said to me that he thinks I am different. Even we had had a lot of erotic conversation, meeting up with me was pleasant. There were no skin contacts and he liked it.

We did however, meet up for a quick blowjob after that.

Do all gay relationships has to be based on sex? Even though it has started that way between me and L, I really hope that one day things would be more different. I am truly in love with L and I think he knows that.

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3 Responses to Gay relationships always has to be sex

  1. Annonymous April 3, 2008 at 11:09 pm #

    I don’t know in which position I am to comment.

    I’m just a form 5 student who has never had sex. I had my first crush on my classmate in standard 6. And I believe that was sex-driven.

    Then I met a guy in secondary school. He got my attention on the very first day. He’s quiet and different. I didn’t usually fantasize over him, because that’s like…..inappropriate. And I can always find flaw in his appearance when I compare him to other people. But that feeling just developed and in Form 4 I think I’m in love with him. It’s been more than a year. That’s my first…. well, LOVE.

  2. koala April 5, 2008 at 12:46 am #

    hmmm… koala reli cant comment lu cos koala didnt go ard sex sex or ppl sex sex koala lu. kekeke… anyway koala oso heard from others wat u said. to koala having sex before a frenship n relationship is something shaky.

  3. azhan April 6, 2008 at 1:38 am #

    i’m very impressed with you for even been in relationships