Email marketing? Traffic increase?

I never had thought it would work. At least from my advertiser’s point of view, I am cashing on the bucks.

Well, it is not that I am using the blog to make money, or was it?

I think having a steady flow of readers is extremely important. I took my time to draft out an email, and sent it to my contacts. It worked out as I have anticipated, but not quite there. The reason I said not quite there, is not because of the amount of visitors I am getting; it is because of the content that I might be penning down.

Having good content is hard work (no you don’t need to buy me a beer) but I like keeping my ‘audience’ entertained. Having said that, good content is king, I kid you not.

Traffic after email

Of course, a good content is nothing if you do not have your readers. Or your readers shy away from you because of the wacky things that you write. Really? Maybe not …


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