Edison Chen, Gillian Chung and Bobo Chan Sex Pictures

When the news of the doctor’s sex take came out, the whole Malaysia was looking for it.

When the news of Edison Chen, Gillian Chung, and Bobo Chan capturing their snapshots, the whole world particularly the Chinese are looking for it.

What usually fuels these searches, and is it because of sex, that add more to the fuel?

Well, me for one wasn’t quite interested with whoever Gillian Chung, or Bobo Chan is. Actually I don’t really know who they are. Yes, I am a Chinese and I watch Chinese movies, but knowing who stars in what is just totally waste of time.

Edison Chen on the other hand, had got this bad boy naughty boy kind of look. Many gay boys that I have known taken up the name as their own. Lame, I know.

However, the story is about this boy named Edison that I know known.

I have talked about this boy briefly in this post. Back then, I was this single gay guy who had just come out from the closet. I have always wanted a sex partner.

When I first met Edison, he is this heavily bleached hair guy with a little baby fat. Short and cute we had a drink nearby his house. That time, I was being a little nervous on how he would think about me, we separated.

A couple days later, during the night Edison sent me a SMS asking if I would like to meet up with him. I felt surprised, but I went over to his house and meet up with him anyways.

When I reached his place, and parked my car at the last time where I have parked, he guided me to the pool, then down to the changing room where the sauna is. I was still confused and wasn’t sure what is happening, and soon he started kissing me on the lips, asking me if I would like to fuck him.

Not knowing if it was best to reject, I accepted his offer. He unzipped my pants, took out my still flaccid cock, and started stroking it. It did not take too long before he bend down and start putting my cock in his mouth and playing it around with his tongue.

I think at that time, together with the heat from the sauna which fueled the excitement that I was having, I soon started to get really hot and horny. Hot from the heat, and hot from the boy that was actually sucking my cock. He isn’t just any cute boy that I know, rather an adorable boy that I do not mind playing with.

Now that he has got my hard cock all worked up, he looked for the condom that he had put in his bag. He teared the protective cover, and slide it on my cock, and took out a bottle of lubricate. Boy, the boy had prepared everything.

When I first entered Edison, it felt really odd. I soon realized that he is loose perhaps because of his very active sexual lifestyle. He wanted it fast and hard, and I obligated by picking up my pace, humping him as hard as he would allow.

I like his rather small cock, after I have ejaculated. He often want me to suck his cock, and sometimes humping my head in a thrusting I did not mind it because his penis was not of great length. Then he would want me to start licking his balls and he would masturbate himself till he cums. Perhaps that time I am not as good sucking as I am now, but he seems to be enjoy the ‘attack’ of my tongue to his hanging balls. He would then cum into my mouth, and sometimes I have no second thoughts when I start to swallow his sweet boy juice.

We often spend the last few minutes kissing and hugging each other. Perhaps as a gratitude to thank each other for the wonderful time that we had.

From that day onwards, Edison had not reply a single message of mine. No phone calls, no nothing.

By the way, I kinda liked the picture that was exposed on the Internet of Edison’s cock. It looked very smooth and very ‘suckable’. Good thing my boy friend have the similar shape and size.

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  1. Bengbeng February 10, 2008 at 7:39 am #

    happy chinese new year…why so long no update?

  2. ong February 14, 2008 at 5:39 pm #