Just read “Men are Pigs, But We Love Bacon,” cover to cover. While at times you come across as a bit sanctimonious, your sarcastic wit made what could have been a “dried-vagina” read (to borrow your phrase) both interesting and entertaining.

Yet your book didn’t cover a subject I’m curious about: “docking” – putting your knob inside an uncut guy’s foreskin and using his skin to whack your collective stack.

I’ve seen it in porn and read about it of course in “Latino Friction”, but have only experienced it a couple times. It was amazing, but how safe is it from an HIV point of view? It seems that since the cock heads aren’t moving, you don’t have the same risk of infection due to things traveling up the urethra, but if one guy shoots inside the other guy’s skin, isn’t that sort of asking for trouble? Wouldn’t it be like shooting the infection right on up in there? Wearing a love glove would certainly solve the problem but would also defeat the purpose. So, what say you?

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