One thing that I could not stand my own boss is when he denies something.

Just the other day, while I was working, he was trying to pry to see what am I doing. While I was not in the mood for the ‘supervision’ I did feel a little annoyed. In the process of him checking out what I was doing, he dropped the keyboard that was on the desk on to the computer that I was running.

After lunch, when I tried to boot up the other computer, I realized that the hard disk was giving some really serious issues. I checked the disk, and it was in a condition where it can never be used anymore.

I confronted him, voicing my concerns over what had happened. I told him that the hard disk has failed. Promptly, he disregards my claims, and say that it was the hard disk’s old age.

What does it take for a man to admit to something? Does it really take that much pride and humiliation? Why is it that people take these ‘feeling of insecurity’ so importantly?

I personally think that is was an ego trip of his. He has got a long standing history of not wanting to admit that he failed in certain things.

Well, that’s my boss. How’s yours?

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