Dedicated to Kenny

I always dislike cleaning up my room. I mean, I liked it to be clean, more like rearranging and throwing out stuffs. That is what I dislike.

‘Cleaning’ up has been a chore to me since last few weeks, more and more delays. It is not that I have been avoiding it, but rather, trying to avoid it.

Maybe I am not making much sense to you. I just dislike cleaning up; that doesn’t make me a dirty person. Just dislike cleaning up.

I have a lot of old memories stashed behind me. Under my bed, under my pillow, in the closet, on the book racks. All these memories reminds me of something good, or something bad. In which makes me dislike doing what I do.

Often, sometimes reading all these ‘stashed’ away notes, it reminds me of my ex boy friends. Even with just a simple Starbucks receipt, I am sure to remember who I went with, what drink did we ordered, what was our chat topic and etc.

Recently, I have met up with this guy, and I shall name him Kenny.

Kenny is a sweetheart, I am starting to fall in love with him. However, in between Kenny, there is another person who is sort of the border between us. It is not that I am complaining or something but this person that is in between is my guardian angel, guarding his mortal.

My guardian angel cares a lot about me, he suggested to me that I should just play it slow and steady. However, my guardian angel accidently leaked out my blog address to Kenny. However, not known to Kenny is that I sometimes write fiction stories; stories that happened in the past, but I dated it like it happened to me recently.

I got to know that Kenny is confused over the ‘relationship’ over the ‘boy friend’ that I have called ‘boy friend’ in my previous post. I guess that particular post basically screw up the whole trust issue.

When I was dreaming about you Kenny, I was hoping that you would do the same. The day I ruin my life for writing about my past, I really really do need to say so much. The day you run away from me, the day when you over reacted.

Kenny, I hope you can find someone better, and I hope he would love you like I do.

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