Contemporary Arts

I love contemporary art. I was searching for something and I ended up in This particular one attracted my attention. Perhaps it is because I like swimming, and because I like red underwear, they look darn sexy on me, don’t you think so?

The next one that I like, it portrays me. I feel like the need of having someone hugging me right now. I am depressed, I feel like everything in the world is against me now. Would it be because of my arrogance, or would it be because of my ego. All I did was trying to make myself more invinsible. We are born unique, our experience is what mold and shapes us.

Kher has inspired me, into these art. Although it is not more than what the blog title as it has suggested; Sexy Male Art from Malaysia, but it was good, darn good if you would agree with me.

Check out Kher’s website for more drawings that he have produced. He’s good.

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