Cleaning up the closet

It is during the holiday when I had nothing better to do. It is a day where I can rest myself from the daily office tussles. A day where I can sleep.

However on this day, I have decided to clean up the closet.

I have found some really interesting stuffs. Stuffs like stories that I have downloaded from the net long time ago, way before graphical porn become a popularity. Books that I have turned into my diary and scribbled my heart content at that moment of time, I have found several of them.

One of the most interesting piece of envelope was actually from a hotel stay that I had back in 2006 in a small town called Taiping.

I could remember vaguely how memorable the meet up was. It was a totally random meeting up with this guy that I have been chatting over MSN for the past couple of months.

I took the drive to Taiping. It was a somewhat pleasant and smooth journey. It took me a couple of hours before finding the signboard to the town off the highway. I called the guy up and we were set up to meet at this distinctive landmark that I could not miss, in front of a fast food restaurant.

We drove around looking for a nice and cheap hotel but at that time, I think it was the peak season where most of the hotels were fully booked. We finally found one that still has got a room. I registered immediately.

The clerk swipe my credit card and we got up to the room. Took a shower and we just hang around the room watching some movies that I have brought along with me. It was supposedly to be a pleasure weekend for me, just relaxing in some unknown town.

I was really tired from the drive, and I must have dozed off on the bed. The guy that I was with were stroking my body, and my hard cock; he had not realized that I was already awake.

I put my hand on his head stroking his hair. He was still watching the show that I have loaded up on my notebook to watch. He was surprised, and quickly hide his embarrassment by not looking at me. I moved on to hold his hand, putting it on my still hard cock, hopefully to signal him that it is okay for him to touch.

I slide his hand in my pants, since it was going to be a long drive, I wore something more comfortable, than something stylish. His hand fit into my pants snugly.

I pulled down my pants a little just to reveal a little of my underwear wristband. He looked into my eyes, as if was asking if it was okay for him to pull down my pants and suck on to my hard cock.

He hestitated a little before pulling down my underwear revealing my throbbing cock. He gave it a sniff, and licked it a little. His warm and wet mouth wrapped around my dick head and it felt really really good. I lie back down to the bed enjoying what the boy has got to offer.

Things had got out of hand, I pulled him up by my side, giving him a kiss on the lips. I smeared some lubricant that I have brought along to his love hole, and I entered him gently.

He did not felt tight. It wasn’t loose either. It was nicely fit that I enjoyed it really much.

The night ended with him in my arms, before I realized that I had not had anything the whole day and I was starving. We drove out to some alley where they serve one of the nicest ‘kuey teow’ soup there is that I have ever tasted.

We went back to the hotel room again, we chatted a couple of other things, and things got hot again.

It was tiring, and yet fun to drive around sometimes. Well, especially if you are stopping somewhere randomly meeting up something online. It would be real fun.

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