Chow Kit Road

Thats it. I tell you.

Nothing to do yesterday, drove around KL and my pessanger thought of dropping by a place in Chow Kit.

We went around the place for a few times, saw some really nice chiqs there. Pretty and nice chiqs.

Then this indian guy stopped us, telling us that he has got some really nice chiqs, for 50 bucks. We thought, why not. Lets try.

Parked the car by the site of the road, went inside and take a look at the girls. Not really my type but my friend wants to try out. Okay then. 50 bucks for the girl and 10 for the room.

I did not feel right then. I was there for a massage, but that massage really is not worth the money. She asked me to sit in the position that I supposed is to fuck her. Asked me to get myself hard. I thought she was supposed to give me a blowjob? Doesn’t seem like it. From that time onwards it seems that we have been conned.

I went out of the room, the guy that is guarding the door did not bother about me at first. Then someone yelled out on his walking, nothing I can reconise and I did not give a shit about it. He then asked me to move outside giving the excuse that there is a police raid.

I went to the car, the first thing I noticed is that my drawer is open. I do not remember it being opened when I left the car. I then saw my coin box is empty, Then I know that the car has been broken into. My friend came out from the place telling me that he lost his phone.

I told him not to go back to get the phone and leave the place. There are many people inside there that look like thugs. Who else would operate this kind of place if not thugs? He went ahead to get what he wants, at least the memory card of his phone.

He went back in for quite some time. I was dead worried. I tried calling to his phone and it was still ringing. After a while it stopped indicating that the phone has been switched off. I waited a while more, and tried calling a few friends of us just in case something happen.

He came back out, I was relieved that he is okay.

It seems that there is a secret passage that the people use to access the clothing. The place where the prostitutes asked us to put. Perhaps a trap door.

As for my car, they used something to restrict the sensors, so that it will not trigger the alarm system. I felt good luck that I did not bring my laptop out. Also that I have not lost much except for the things in my car. I would be dreaded if I have lost my 2 days old phone.

The only difference is why I am not being targeted is because I did not choose to fuck the girl. No wonder she was talking all by herself.


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