Cherating Beach Holidays, Part 2

  • This post contains explicit content about 2 consent bisexual males. Please do not proceed if you do not wish to view or underaged. We know you will anyways. *

So both of us were lying on the bed, me on my dear dear’s chest. I got woken up when dear dear made a sudden movement. The sky on the outside begins to get dark. We had totally forgot about the time. We were still stalk naked, like the day we were first born. The watch on my wrist shows that it is 5 minutes past 7. We can hear the wind blowing against the trees, and the sound of the waves rushing to the beach.

I slept there on dear dear’s chest. Not wanting to leave my dearest. His slow breath blow through my hair. I hug him closer, and he moved a little.

I was thinking of something, I cannot remember, then I started licking my bf’s nipple. Working slowly down his tummy, to his naval. I went straight again to lick on his still flaccid dick. The smell of the body bath that we used earlier is still covering his soft skin. His dick slowly grow into a full 6 inch in my mouth.

I felt his hand on my head, combing my hair with his fingers. I guess I must have woke him up. He moan a little when I tried to put his full thing inside my mouth. I came back up again, and give him a peck on his lips. He smiled to me and said, “Naughty boy”.

He was already hard, I hold on to him, give him a lick on his nipple, then I bend down again giving him another suck on his dick. He pulled my hip towards him, giving me a nice lick on my already hard cock. He started to put my whole dick inside his mouth, licking my balls once a while. I got really high and had to stop sucking my dear dear.

Dear dear push my head towards his cock, instructing me to suck him. He said to make it wet, and really wet. I could imagine what he would want to do. I started sucking him, concentrading on his glands, and licking his balls once a while. I could taste some pre-cum of dear oozing out slowly from the piss hole and it tasted sweeter than ever.

He pulled me back, face to face. Giving me a really passionate kiss. I alighed my love hole with dear’s cock, and slowly sit on it. Slowly it went in. With lips still attached together, dear dear gave it a little push, and it went in all. It felt heavenly.

Dear pushed my chest up. I started to pump his cock by moving up and down, his cock went in to me deep and hard, I started to moan really loudly before I noticed a shadow at the window facing the beach shined by the dim lights; I panicked…

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