Cherating Beach Holidays

I need a break from all these shits that is happening to me right now. With all the mental disturbance, I seriously need to take a dip in the ocean.

Speaking of the beach, I remembered there was once me and my boy friend went to Cherating. Without my parent’s knowledge of course. Dear took the high way from KL to Kuantan using the new highway. I had to take a bus to KL first, to meet up with him.

When we reach, we were greeted warmly by the receiption there. With a free complimentary drink for each of us.

We were guided to our room after dear dear have gave his identifications. It was supposed to be a beach facing room and all. It turns out the be a beach facing suite. The decoration of the room is fantastic and I wish I had taken pictures of it. The next thing I like is the bathroom. It was equipted with 2 toilet bowls, a huge bath tub and the mirror, OMG is so huge!

Dear dear and me could easily fit into the bath tub with no problems. We took a soak in the bath tub, and both of us got really horny from it. We came out from the tub and dried outselves. Jump on straight to the big comfy bed.

Dear dear was naughty, he bend over to his luggage bag and took out a bottle of lube. I guess he must have prepared it for a few weeks already. He put it aside the bed, and he said he was tired. I was like .. WTF WEI !!!

I tried to protest, but dear dear continue lying down on the bed motionless. I guess he must have been tired from all the driving and all. I gave dear dear a light kiss on the lips, and he responded back. I lie down on his naked chest following the rhythm of his breathing. I give his nipple a light kiss. His hand around my head, running through my hair in sign of approval.

Light breeze blew in to the room from the beach, the glass door was left open previously.

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