Cherating Beach Holiday: The Shadow

At the corner of my eyes, I could still see the shadow. Quickly I “disengaged” from dear, and told him that we were being watched.

Immediately we got worried. We had left the glass door opened before we went to bed, and then now someone is peeping at our love making session.

The unintentional intruder must have noticed our anxiety, just when me and dear dear panicked, he came out from the bushes, and greeted us. It was a friend of ours that had tagged along with us in our car that is saying next door. He was hungry and he tried to call our phones but it seems that we had put it into silent mode.

He did not know which room we were in, so he went walking around the hotel and heard my moaning through the opened glass door SHY.

Now, Gary is not gay like me and dear. He is more like a confused boy. I would not say that he is handsome or what, but more with a pleasant boyish look. Not too tall and with a nicely build body, he looked like a perfect boy coming of age. Dear gave me a hiss and winked at me. I immediately knew what he was thinking. I am his dear what!

Still stalk naked, dear grabbed Gary’s hand, and I in turn push Gary to the bed. We pinned him down good. Gary gave a lot of resistance, but I guess being held by two horny guys, and for disturbing their love making session, it was a not too bad price to pay.

We forcefully took off Gary’s shirt and pants, it took us quite some effort, but I must say it was worth it. Gary has already build up a huge boner, I guess he must have been fantasizing this in his dream or something. HEHEHEHE

We licked his already hard cock, taking turns to work his cock out. Kissing dear dear in the process. Gary got really high and that is when we release him. He seems to like it, and put his hand to dear’s head and mine, combing our hair with his fingers. I crawl up to his nipple, gave it a light kiss. Gary seems to like that as well as he gave a slight moan when I did. I licked his nipple and then bite it a little with his teeth. He squirm a little. I guess he has not got used to it yet.

While I was licking Gary, I felt dear’s hand on my hip. I raised myself up a little, and let him enter me from the back. I love doggy style. I positioned myself with Gary’s cock, and started to suck him and my dear slowly pick up his rhythm from the back.

Out of the sudden, I felt Gary’s body tensed up, then the rush of boy juice filled my mouth cavity. I quickly lift my head up, and spit it all out.

I scolded Gary, “idiot, cannot tell first is it?” Gary blushed and apologize, saying that my blow job was too good to be true. Dear then joked about having to taste some of the untasted Gary juice. I gave dear a little squeeze on the butt while dear is still making love to me.

I got tired of kneeling down, I signaled to dear we both went on our side with him at the back. He hugged me from the back, and whispered to me something which I cannot understand at that time. Gary in turn, went down to my cock and started sucking me after some persuasion from dear and me.

We were in that position for about 30 minutes, when I felt my anal opening feeling something warm and wet. Dear had just cum his boy juice inside me, it felt so nice. I made dear leave his still hard dick inside me, while he masturbated me. I cum into Gary’s mouth.

We clean up after that, Gary still with some cum “aftertaste” gave me a kiss on the lips, and whispered me to and say thanks.

Glad I got another cute boy to play with now, if dear dear is too busy to come look for me next time.

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