Breakfast in the morning

As many know, I am a morning person. Well I sleep quite late too but I just wake up early in the morning to catch the sunrise.

I woke up earlier this morning, John is still sleeping, and I did not want to wake him up.

Previously before we went to bed, I had moved the bacon that I had bought a couple of days ago to the fridge. I took it out from the fridge, and it is all defrosted now.

I was frying the bacon on my frying pan, and another with the eggs. I had planned to make some bacon and egg toast, and some hard boiled egg stuffs with blue cheese, bacon, and some herbs as appetizer.

While I was cooking, a pair of hands gently hugging me from behind; John had been awaken by the aroma of the bacon. He greeted me with his sleepy face, so cute.

He helped with the toast, and boiled the eggs for me to prepare for the appetizer. I on the other hand, prepared the stuffing for the eggs. It was stuffs with some ready made bacon, some herbs, and blue cheese.

We had our shower together after we had cooked and prepared everything. It was fun ‘soaping’ each other and we spent quite some time in the showers. okay, my jacuzzi bath tub

Once we had finished with our showers, we sat down in the living room enjoying our breakfast, and watching Gossip Girl that I had previously downloaded. John had not been watching Gossip Girls, but he seem to be interested now after I had shown him the episodes. We hugged, and exchanged kisses once a while.

The night did not end after we went to bed.

During the night, I felt lonely and I needed a hug. Thinking that John is asleep, I turned over and hugged him.

He kissed my hand instead.

I whispered, “John, you awake ?” and he replied.

By that time, both of our bodies are already touching each other. John’a butt was already rubbing on my hard cock.

John turned over, and gave me a kiss on the lips. “Cedric, you horny?”

I kept quiet.

“I think you are horny, otherwise you would not get hard like you are now”

I turned over to the other side, feeling embarrassed. John turned me over, and slipped his hand down my underwear. He was stroking my cock with his baby soft hand. He pulled down my boxer briefs, and went all south and gave me a good blow.

He asked, “Feeling better now?”

I nodded. He climbed on top of me, kissing me on the lips, and down to my neck. My hip unwillingly thrusting upwards, and little Cedric trying real hard to penetrate John’s thin brief’s material. John grinned sheepishly, and knew how he could ‘service’ me. He took off his briefs, revealing a nicely curved 6 incher. Not too hairy, but just the nice amount of bush that I like.

John took the tube of KY that I had on my nightstand. I must have forgotten to keep it in the drawer, and John saw it.

He smeared some on his love tunnel, and a little more on me. He aimed himself, while I was still lying on the bed.

He let out a loud moan, and took all my length in. It was the first time that I had inserted someone fully, at the first try. It was pure euphoric for me.

John made me came three times that night. Once in his mouth. We could have done it the forth time, but both of us were too tired to continue. We called it a night.

While I was sleeping, John took a picture of me. We were both naked still.

“I can’t let this sight go. I simply can’t resist and since I do not have my camera, I used yours.” John claimed when I confronted him this morning.

Finishing the episodes of Gossip Girl together with our breakfast, John packed and I sent him back to Brooklyn.

We stopped by the local wet market to do some shopping, and John took a lot of pictures of me doing the shopping. We reached Brooklyn around noon, and promised that we will chat again at night.

I drove around town, thinking of what had happened at night. Should I have let John know that the reason why we fucked because in the night, he looks like The Boy? I felt sorry and embarrassed that I did what I did. Had my feelings for The Boy finally faded to a mere memory? Had I really fallen in love with John, and it wasn’t because of how he reminded me of The Boy?

I was stopped by the traffic police because I had not stop on a stop sign. Driving in New York is very different than driving in Malaysia where drivers in Malaysia ignores the “Berhenti” signs. I was let go with a warning by the kind officer.

I reached home around noon, store the groceries and fell asleep on the bed that John and I had made love in. I can still smell John’s sweet scene on my bed sheets. Yes, I am starting to miss him already.

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10 Responses to Breakfast in the morning

  1. happygolucky1 May 23, 2009 at 2:14 pm #

    hmmm… at least u had some fun, but i think it would b better for u to sort out ur true feeling towards john, it would b very hurt if he finds out otherwise later, all the best 🙂

    • Cedric Ang May 24, 2009 at 6:31 am #


      Yes, that will be done.

  2. koala May 23, 2009 at 2:35 pm #

    awwww… the pics explains a thousand words. kakaa… u cook so oily! john is sweet. grabbing u gently from behind, knowing wat u want n watodo on bed. lolx… noti lar u 2. 😛

    • Cedric Ang May 24, 2009 at 6:32 am #


      Where got oily ? It’s just normal pan, need a bit more oil. besides, bacon itself got oil ma.

  3. cyid May 23, 2009 at 8:57 pm #

    the gossip girl season finale was great, wasn’t it? 😀 lol… I follow it every single week it airs!

    anywayz… aww… so my suspiscions were right that you guys didn’t only hug and sleep… lol… (what a pervy lil mind i have!)

  4. rae May 24, 2009 at 1:14 am #

    ooo…. i envy both you and john xD

  5. Justin May 24, 2009 at 12:54 pm #

    Those eggs look great…never tried doing it with blue cheese (is the spelling blue or bleu?)

    so sweet of him to hug u from behind like that while ur cooking..

    nice bubble butt too…(not horny, just my honset opinion)


  6. Steven July 4, 2009 at 1:17 am #

    Those “buns” of yours look so much more delicious than your eggs …lol..sorry for being so nasty…but honestly, John did capture the photo of THE moment …3 cheers for John 🙂

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