Bitchboy Part 5

Gradually my body relaxed again, but the grimace never faded, and as I surrendered to Adam’s will, I began openly sobbing. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” I cried, over and over. “God yes, do it, use me, fuck my hole. Fuck it. Fuck me. Use my ass.” Hearing my plea, Adam stepped up the pace of his fucking, and then just when I thought I was the happiest little frat boy slut in the universe, he stepped up his pace again. And again. And again. Jesus, how was it possible he could fuck me that hard? I’d never even fucked a girl that hard before. And yet, there he was, throttling his huge dick in and out of me, seemingly at a hundred miles per hour. Each stroke went fully into me, and came back out. I loved every goddamn second.

“Oh fuck yes, do it, fuck me harder, harder, please…” I begged. “Fuck me…ah-h-h…yes, fuck my hole…”

Janice, this whole time, was fingering herself. She was transfixed by the image of me getting fucked. She tells me every day that it’s the sexiest thing she’s ever seen–watching a hot guy like me give up my ass to other men. In between her moans, she managed to say to Adam: “Yeah, I think he likes it! Fuck him hard!”

“Fuckin’ right he does,” Adam grunted, hammering into me extra hard. “Fuckin’ hot little frat boy bitch.”

He was finally fucking me so hard that I couldn’t respond in any way other than to simply wail. I felt like a pig on a rotisserie. Adam’s long cock filled me up so completely that I knew I had turned some dark corner in my sexual life. I not only loved his cock inside me, I needed it. Adam’s cock, any cock. I needed it bad.

“Gonna cum in your sweet ass,” he muttered, and a half-second later, I felt it. The first jet of sperm went so far inside me that I think I felt it in the back of my throat. This was followed by what felt like a gallon of more precious warmth, gooey and pungent, filling up my whole ass until it started flowing back out.

“Oh Jesus, oh fuck,” he gasped, clutching my hips on either side to steady himself as he lost control inside my newly-deflowered male cunt. My own dick was likewise ready to burst, and when I felt the waves of his cum spurting subside, I got up on my haunches (carefully keeping Adam’s dick inside me) and beat off my last few glorious strokes, screaming in ecstasy as I splattered my third load of spunk all over Janice’s legs.

She was moaning, too, still reaching the peaks of orgasm at the sight of two hot men enjoying themselves to utterly in front of her. She worked her cunt furiously, and her pussy juices flowed freely all over the bed.

I collapsed forward, and Adam also fell forward, his firm chest muscles like a warm cushion against my upper back. He kissed my neck and the back of my ears, telling me sweetly I was the hottest and best guy he’d ever fucked. I wanted to ask him how many guys he’d fucked–I suspected it was many, given his hot looks, his huge cock, his powerful body and his masterful technique–but I figured I’d ask some other time.

“So frat boy,” Janice said to me when we’d all caught our breaths. “You up for more?”

“Hell yes,” I said. “What’s next?”

“More of the same,” she said. “I know Adam here has got quite a few more loads left in him. So do I. Nothing gets me off like watching men fuck. So, I want Adam here to fuck your asshole all night long.”

“Oh yeah.” I immediately felt dizzy. What an intoxicating suggestion. “How do you want me, stud?”

“Get on your back. That’s easiest,” he instructed me. Janice grabbed a small box from the desk and moved to the other bed, positioning herself so she could watch us and use her collection of sex toys on her pussy.

I obeyed my new master’s command, rolling on my back on the sheets, which were drenched at this point with all our loads of cum. I spread like a good bitch, holding up my tan, toned, shapely legs in a tall “V” formation while Adam took his place between them. His cock was rock hard once again, and he screwed the tip of it into my newly hungry male pussy. I couldn’t wait to get fucked hard by him again. I looked up soulfully into his dark eyes as he lowered himself over me, sinking that giant torpedo of a dick into me, and at the same time, bringing his tender lips to mine for a deep, erotic kiss. Our tongues played together like hungry lovers, and I lost myself in his embrace as his hips began their churning of his cock inside my ass.

Knowing it pleased Janice, I was more than happy to act as slutty as possible for him, even though I was enjoying the feeling of being a slut anyway. It was the start of a beautiful and special relationship for all three of us, but mostly for Janice and me. This was her kink, and I was more than happy to comply. In the following weeks and months, she and I found every different kind of hot stud who was willing to pound my hole for both our pleasure. I took cock after cock and load after load, as she pleasured herself, looking on.

But this first night, it was all about Adam. His lovely face. His beautiful kisses. His firm shoulders. I clung to him as he fucked me deep, for what would be the second of five times that night. I needed to feel him on top of me, humping me full of his cock and his cum, over and over again. With one last smile at Janice on the other bed, I shut my eyes and pulled Adam closer to me, relishing the rise and fall of his powerful body over mine, gathering his firm shoulders in my own strong arms and hanging on for dear life.

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