Bitchboy Part 4

Adam rimmed me good and deep, using both his hands to pull me wide open, and gently lapping with his tongue to loosen me up. As I became more relaxed, I automatically started pushing back at him with my ass, humping his face almost. Girls did this to me sometimes when I was licking their cunts, and now I did it, because Adam was licking mine. Feeling his tongue go deeper and deeper inside me, I attacked Janice’s pussy with even more gusto. She was wailing like a banshee now, and I was too, grunting and groaning into her pussy as each deep tongue stroke from Adam up my asshole pushed me deeper into her.

Suddenly, all at once, I realized it was going to happen. I wanted it to happen. I wanted to be fucked.

“Fuck me.” It started as a half-conscious statement, just another grunt, muffled by Janice’s pussy. She was cumming in waves now, her tantalizing juices pouring over me, getting all over my face. “Fuck me, fuck me…” I grunted, slowly raising my face from its duties. The more I realized what I was saying, the more I wanted it. I said it louder: “Fuck me, man! Fuck me!”

I looked up at Janice, who was smiling at both of us. “I think he’s ready,” she said.

“You sure, man?” came Adam’s voice from behind me–actually, under me, between my legs.

I was practically crying with desire. “Yeah, fuck me, stud. Oh god man, your tongue feels so good. I wanna feel more up there…fuck it, just fuck me. Please!” I pushed back with my ass, like a good hungry bitch. “I’m begging you, man. Fill me up, fuck my hole. I wanna get your huge cock way up deep inside me.”

“You got it,” he said, rising to his feet on the bed. He aimed his gigantic tool right at my butt. The saliva he’d put there as lube made my hole feel cold and exposed in the evening air of the little room. Then the tip of his cock kissed my asslips, and finding little resistance (his rim job had done the trick) he pushed the head a little ways inside. I didn’t feel pain, only the desire for more. So he kept on pushing, more and more of his twelve jock inches disappearing inside me, until finally he bottomed out, and I had his entire bone buried the whole way, deep inside my virgin hole. It felt so beautiful, so perfect, so right.

“Fuck me Adam,” I mumbled. “So fuckin’ good. Oh god, all the way in me. Fuck my frat boy asshole.”

He let me relish the entirety of his cock for over a minute, and my asshole slowly quit spasming and relaxed around the base of his pole. I took some deep breaths. I was about to get fucked for the first time, by a beautiful jock with a gigantic cock. I wanted to enjoy it, so I shut my eyes and told myself to relax.

Janice told me later how beautiful I looked, a sexy frat dude on all fours on her bed, face resting between her legs, hunky chest against her mattress, with my fine ass pushed up high and sexy Adam’s rod pushed all the way inside. She started cumming again as soon as she saw Adam pull the whole way out of me and then sink his cock back in again, causing me to raise my head and look at her with a grimace of sexual anguish.

I both savored the feeling of being fucked by Adam and was shocked and astonished that it was happening. And the disbelief didn’t stop there. I couldn’t believe that enormous cock I’d just seen, practically as long as my forearm, was churning in and out of my butthole, over and over. I couldn’t believe it was physically possible. I couldn’t believe he and Janice had wanted this, and set the whole thing up. How many other unsuspecting frat dudes had they done this to? And most of all, I couldn’t believe how much I loved the way it felt. I was totally used by him. I was a pussy-boy, taking Adam’s cock and his fuck. I was his bitch.

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