Bitchboy Part 3

Janice twisted around on the bed then, and gave me an erotic, deep kiss. When our lips parted, she said: “Adam pointed you out a few weeks ago. We both thought you were hot. We hoped you were up for it.”

“Totally,” I said, truthfully. Of course, if they’d approached me directly instead of seducing me the way they did, I would have said: No way! But doing it like this seemed perfect. “So…what’s next?”

Janice shifted again, onto her back. “Lick my pussy.”

I hesitated. “But…it’s full of…”

“Adam’s cum. I know. Eat it.”

Wild. I love eating pussy–with all due modesty, in fact, I was pretty well known for it among some campus girls–so down I went. I smelled it before I tasted it, naturally. There was the familiar scent of girl juices, of course, but layered over that was the unmistakable whiff of something else. It was a smell I only really associated with beating off, since there was no other time when I really encountered it. After a deep breath, I sunk my face in her beautiful snatch and licked my way to heaven. I ate her pussy, and Adam’s fresh cum.

And so it was that I first ate a load. It was the first time fresh, hot sperm ever made its way inside me. Up until this time, I had always been focused on sending it the other direction. But all that was about to change.

I’d gotten only a few minutes into this totally new experience, bent over on all fours between Janice’s legs with my tongue going full force, when I was aware of Adam crouching behind me on the bed. What the hell was he thinking? Oh right, now that I’d let him blow me, this was just the next logical step? I pulled out of Janice’s pussy and twisted by face to look back at him. “What the hell are you doing, man?”

“Nothing bad. You’ll see.”

“You’re not fucking my ass, buddy. That’s just something that isn’t going to happen.”

“Uh-huh.” He looked so beautiful back there, his sexy chest and strong shoulders, his handsome face.


His eyes twinkled as he looked down at me, smiling. I felt a flutter inside. Really, what would it feel like? Then he did something amazing: he took his huge dick, which was already rock hard again, and he spanked it a couple of times against my ass. Holy shit. Like I was his bitch, or something. That’s something I rarely even do to a girl, unless I know she’s kinky and she wants me to dominate her. When I felt Adam’s big cock slap against my ass cheeks, and then his shaft press into my crack and against my hole, I felt a rush of…what was it? I felt like I would cum on the spot. Maybe I could be fucked by this stud. Maybe…?

“Maybe…” came Janice’s tender voice below me. I looked back at her, her sweet features, her splayed, willing female form. She was looking around me, at Adam. “Maybe you should warm him up first, babe.”

Warm me up? What the hell? But I couldn’t really react, because as she said these words, she pulled my face back into her honey hole, and instinctively, I went back to enjoying my meal. I still wondered what the hell Adam was doing back there, though, and I got my answer momentarily. I felt a little more shuffling behind me, and then something wet landed on my asshole. And stayed there. And moved around.

Holy shit. Adam was licking my asshole. He had bitch-slapped me with his massive rod, marking his territory, and now he was eating out my ass. My male pussy, as it were. As I did the same to Janice’s cunt.

I was in shock that another man was doing this to me, just as I had been a short time before, when Adam had given me head. But, just like the head job, this immediately felt good, way too good to pull away.

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