Bitchboy Part 2

When I first met Janice, I was the old me. The cocky frat dude, the big man about campus, the life of the party. The guy who would bed down five girls in one week-end and get blowjobs from five more over the course of the next week. Well, that’s all still true about me, actually. Except for the part about all the girls.

I never figured I was the kind to swing both ways. Janice really brought it out in me. I’m sure none of the guys I hang with would have ever figured me for a fag, either. Including the ones who are… real intimate with me now. I mean, I always noticed the goodlooking guys. They’re the competition, right? Not that I ever sweated it that much–like I’m saying, I think I’m pretty hot, myself. Then, a few times, I got a hardon when I’d wrestle my drinking buds at the frat house, or rolling around playing football on the quad. And I had this older cousin who used to suck me off every time I saw him when we were growing up, so I guess I was always pretty open-minded. But nothing could prepare me for life with Janice.

It started three years ago. We met at a party, and I thought she was so foxy. I told her my name was Cedric, we flirted for a little while, and even started kissing, but then Adam came over. He’s this total jock that the women go crazy for: broad shoulders, hard chest, not much neck, dark hair, etc. I guess Janice had met him at the party before I arrived. He didn’t look too happy, and although I’ve got a good body, this guy could waste me if he wanted, so I started to back off. I tried to excuse myself, but Janice insisted I stay.

“Adam doesn’t mind, do you, Adam?” she asked sweetly. She was a little bit drunk. Adam still didn’t look happy, but I stayed.

Janice and I got more drinks and continued talking, and Adam didn’t say much. He took the opportunity to scope out some of the other tasty females at the party. Just when I thought he was going to jump ship and leave us alone again, Janice suddenly said to both of us:

“You guys both really want to fuck me tonight, don’t you?”

Adam and I exchanged shocked glances. Then I cracked up laughing, but Adam said in his earnest, dumb-jock way: “Fuck yeah!”

“Well, you’re in luck. I’m horny, and I like two guys at one time.”

It took Adam and me a little while to feel comfortable with the idea, but we both wanted into her pants so bad that soon enough, we were following her sweet little ass out of the party and back to her dorm room in the building next door. Once we got to her room, she started pulling both our clothes off. Adam’s jersey disappeared first, exposing his well-gymmed chest. I pulled off my own T-shirt. My chest didn’t look anything like Adam’s but it had a great, sleek build to it, and more hair. I think Janice appreciated the contrast, as she ran each of her hands up and down our chests simultaneously, looking us in the eyes.

Then Janice undid her own jeans and started to pull them down. She lost her balance, and fell on her back on the bed, drunk and laughing. Adam, not missing a cue, immediately dropped to his knees on the floor and helped her get those tight jeans the rest of the way off. She wore these sexy black panties, and Adam’s handsome face disappeared into her crotch, eating her steaming pussy through the underwear. I yanked down my shorts and knelt on the bed, so that Janice could take my cock in her mouth.

As I had expected, she gave a fantastic blowjob. In fact I was just about to cum when she announced: “Cedric, I want you to fuck me first. Do it now!”

A half-second later I was pushing my new friend Adam aside and mounting Janice’s hot snatch, burying my thick 18-year-old bone into her in one deep thrust. Adam’s saliva had loosened her nicely. She moaned and grabbed my slim hips as I started banging her rapid-fire. I wanted to hold off cumming but her blowjob had gotten me so close, it was only a minute or two before I was dumping my load into her sweet pussy.

After I was done, I could tell from her breathing that she wanted more. She wanted to do us both, rapid fire, in quick succession. No problem at all. As Adam took my place between Janice’s legs, I went over to her roommate’s bed and fell back on it, lazily pulling on my spent dick, hoping that once Adam was done I might take another shot.

Needless to say, my hardon returned almost immediately. It was a few minutes into watching their fuck that I started to realize what was turning me on the most–not just the beautiful Janice lying there in ecstasy, moaning for more, but also Adam himself, the stereotypical hot jock stud, fucking the hell out of this hot girl he’d only just met at a party a few hours before. I’d caught a few guys from my frat fucking their girls before, but it wasn’t like this. Adam’s hard, muscular ass was like an icon of male perfection as it rose and sank rapidly between Janice’s thighs. I glimpsed his dick, a foot-long monster of a thing that looked like it could totally tear her apart. And the rest of his strong body, his flexing arms supporting his massive torso as he hovered over her, his handsome face sweating and grimacing from erotic exertion. I was ready to pop a nut just watching this hot guy go at it, as he fucked the hell out of the girl into whom I’d just shot my load.

As I beat off watching Adam, I looked down and saw Janice looking directly at me, smiling. She was in a state of bliss from the expert pounding she was getting from Adam the jock, but her smile said even more.

“Come over here,” she said, motioning me back to their bed. I obeyed, and she took my hard cock in her free hand and pumped it up and down, continuing breathlessly: “Oh god, this cock felt so good inside me just now, Cedric. Just now, when you were fucking me. I want you to put it in my hole again when Adam’s done. I want to feel his huge cock shoot off inside my pussy, and then I want yours inside me again!”

I wasn’t going to argue with her intentions. I only hoped I could hold off from cumming again before Adam was done with his fuck. “Then quit pulling on it,” I told her, out of breath. “I wanna cum in you.”

But she couldn’t seem to let go of my hard eight inches. In fact, she pulled me closer to her and took my dick in her mouth again. Oh sweet god, she gave the best, most marvelous head I’d ever gotten. I closed my eyes and tipped my head back. Every stroke I made in and out of her mouth was heaven. She’d take me in for a few long sucks, then pull all the way out and run her tongue over the head, just to keep me on edge.

I eventually started to notice she was pulling my cock in a slightly different direction, and was shocked to look down and see that it wasn’t just Janice giving me this treatment. She was feeding my fat cock to Adam as well! As the jock hunk continued pounding his foot-long slab of flesh in and out of this hot girl’s pussy, he was also sucking my cock, repeating the same pattern Janice had started with. She’d let him take a few sucks, and lick around the tip, and then she’d do the same as Adam kissed around her face and neck.

“Whoa!” I cried out, but I made no move to step away. This was the hottest thing I’d ever seen. Adam was totally casual about it. I finally figured out that he and she had probably done this before, and so they had singled me out to recruit into their hot bi action. I got off knowing that this total stud was fucking the same girl as me, and at the same exact time, was feeding my rock-hard fratboy dick into his hungry mouth.

Adam gave head just as sweet as Janice, if not better. After I realized this, Janice let him take over, and went back to simply leaning back and moaning as Adam’s jock body pounced up and down on her petite, gorgeous nympho frame. I was transfixed with the sight of my cock moving in and out of this hot jock’s lips. He slobbered up and down my pole, running his tongue over the ridges underneath the head, bringing me closer and closer to shooting off. Finally, I couldn’t hold back any more, and my second load of the evening coursed through my entire body. I shot my wad into Adam’s mouth, and he swallowed it all.

At the taste of my hot seed, Adam lost control in Janice’s pussy, and he grunted as his own load shot out of his mammoth dick to make its way inside her. As he came, he fondled her pert breasts, and I could tell by Janice’s moans that she was having an orgasm, as well. Adam continued heaving in and out of her until he’d totally spent his shot. Then he fell forward onto her, still holding my dick, and he leaned toward me once again to gobble the last few drops of sperm of my shaft and dickhead before they relaxed together.

“Fuck,” I said to them. “That was hot.”

I felt a little awkward, just standing there as they coiled in post-coital happiness. Then Adam looked up at me, and smiled. “Join us,” he said. So I crawled onto the bed with them, lying between their warm, sweaty bodies, facing Janice. We all hugged a bit, and as I ran my hands up and down Janice’s sexy body, over her breasts, her slim hips, and her perfect skin–I felt Adam’s rough hands doing the same for me. He caressed my chest muscles first, then worked his way gently down to my legs and spent cock. I shuddered a few times as he did this, but it was fantastic. My body thrilled at his touch. Even counting the blowjobs I got from my cousin, I had never been touched by a man this way. It was like nothing I’d ever felt.

“You feeling weird yet, man?” he asked.

I was quiet a moment before responding. “Yeah, a little.”

“Feels good, though?”

“Fuck yeah.”


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