Last night was typical for me. I was at a party off-campus with some of my frat brothers, where we had been promised some easy tail from some fine-looking ladies from the other college nearby. But we got there late, and most of the hot ones had already been snatched up (so to speak). So we took the party into our own hands. My buddies introduced the mostly male crowd to my “special talents”…and for the rest of the evening, I was on my knees in one of the back bedrooms, choking down big dicks as I took one hot cock after another right up by young, muscled hungry boy chute. Between the guys who came in my mouth and the guys who waited to shoot up my ass, I figure I took around thirty or thirty-five hot loads of cum.

I’m a hot-looking cocky frat dude, totally bi, who simply loves givin’ it to the women and takin’ it from the men. Over my first year in college (so far) I’m gotten my fine ass pumped full of seed by hundreds of guys from nearly every frat on campus, not to mention plenty of the non-frat male population as well, including my fair share of athletes, grad students, and profs. When that isn’t enough, I go to parties like the one last night and whore out my hole for the other hot young bucks who go to other colleges or else just live nearby. And let me tell you, I fuckin’ love it. Once I get going, I can’t get enough dick in my ass.

Most guys (and women) tell me I’ve got the sweetest body they’ve ever fucked. I’ve worked out steadily since 10th grade, and I still work out every day–in fact I get a lot of my action lately from the studs I meet in the weight room and lockerroom at the on-campus gym. I don’t have such a big frame, but what I do have carries me well. My shoulders and broad and my pecs stretch across them nice an tight, sticking out into my T-shirt like two little pillows. I have a trim waist (I buy the size 28 2Xist briefs and jocks) and my finest asset, so to speak, is my tight, cute little bubble butt. I’m hangin’ a good fat six inches for the guys and ladies who want to make use of that. But most often, my perky frat ass is the business end of my tight, perfect young little bod. After a few years’ practice, I’m proud to say it can take dicks of any size. And believe me–I’ve put that claim to the test many times. You wouldn’t believe how some of these college boys are hung! I haven’t seen dicks that big before, unless you count donkeys. The bigger the better, for me.

So you can imagine the power of lust that comes over these dudes when they see my ass in the air at frat parties or wherever, two hot little globes sticking out of my jock or else naked in the air, waiting for them to fill me up. If others have cum before them they will see the trail of man slime leaking out of my hole and down my runner’s legs. That’s when I like it best–when I’ve been well-fucked by my first few, I can feel the evidence inside me and pouring out, and I see the looks on the faces of the hard, wide-eyed studs who are all lining up to take their turn. I can get fucked long into the night, which makes these parties really fun.

And in all of this, there is a special person, with whom I have a special relationship, and who plays a very special role. Her name is Janice, and she is the sweetest, hottest, sexiest and most uninhibited young lady I have ever had the pleasure to know, or will probably ever know. I started messing with boys because, basically, she told me to. Never in my life had I even considered it. I guess love makes us do funny things.

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