Back from Thailand

Just touch down to Kuala Lumpur International Airport from a trip from Thailand. I must say it has been quite a while that I have since landed in that nice sweet country.

A couple of my friends and I went to this club called Tawan Bar at Surawong Road. Tawan club was well know as being a gay bar, and has got a lot of action in between. It has been raided before, and it seems that the action had died down a bit. Other than that, we had no other places to go, so I thought why not just give it a try. Perhaps a drink would be nice as well.

Tawan is somehow a not too loud music kind of bar, besides the expensive drinks. We got there early, at about 9 at night. The show is still not on yet, but we were looking at the muscular boys posing on stage. A lot of them were too pumped up to my liking, but there are some that are medium build with really young looking face which I really liked.

One of them was really cute, sweet and mischevious face with some natural looking muscles and a adorable looking bottom.

The show started at about 11 when an elderly man was dancing some Thai dance on the stage. They were also doing some S&M movements, dripping candle wax to the cute boy that was had my eye on earlier on. I am not exactly a fan of S&M but my heart felt the pain for a while. Moments later, the show seems to be over when all of them went to the back stage.

Just when we thought the short performance was over, four boys wearing boxing helmets started kick boxing started performing on the stage. At the same time, 4 more boys wearing condom came out to the stage and start fucking the first four. The cute boy that I saw, was being fucked by a hunky and rough muscle boy. My heart sank.

With the great speed and all, under the strobe light, it seems what they are doing are acrobatic. One of the other fuckees was very cute and seems to enjoy being fucked.

There was a number on the 2 boys that I saw, I told the mammassan that I wanted them both. I paid about 700 Baht for them, and took them over for the night.

It was a fun night, the boy enjoyed my fuck, as much as I enjoyed him fucking me. It is Thailand, after all.

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