Are you positive, or negative?

Positive or Negative
The media calls it the influx of moral decadence, some people calls it God’s act to clean up the world.

HIV and AIDS has been in the world for almost 2 decades, coming to three. Yet, many people are still unaware, or just plain ignorant.

A boy once told me, HIV virus was formed when there by two individual’s sperm mixed together. That is how HIV exist, and not the mutation of other harmless virus.

HIV, it is a very important keyword in the GLTB world, and yet it is also a taboo subject. When I watch Queer as Folk to pass on time, HIV has been mention so many times, that it freaks me out.

One thing for sure, is that like in the series, many people thinks that HIV equals to AIDS, it is not.

The only safe sex to have is not to have sex at all, not even that urge to suck a nice 6 inch cock. No, never.

Why not? Condom will eventually fail. Ultra thin Durex condoms are not meant for the rougher anal passage. Moreover, some ultra thin Durex users often combine their sexual fantasies with poppers, which makes their sessions last longer.

What if the condom breaks? Will that matter? It is almost as you are not using one.

Are you wearing the right sized condoms? Too tight will tear the condom apart, too loose and it will slip off. God did not make our cocks the same size, neither did Durex made their condoms. So choose wisely.

I remembered one of the sexcapade when I was in my younger days. We used a condom, I fucked him. However, lubricant wasn’t a luxury, and the lubricant that we used, was from the condom itself.

Half way through the session, the condom broke.

I did not know what to do, I continue fucking him and I came. I could see the fear in his eyes, I was still being ignorant that he might transfer some STI to me.

A decade later, I checked out fine. No STD, no HIV, nothing, ziltch.

But that did not stop me from unsafe sex.

The fear of HIV is lurking inside me recently, perhaps due to ‘Queer As Folk’ I am not sure.

Then, yesterday’s nightmare was mind opening. Imagine those leeches that bites on to you, and never let go until they are full. Imagine these leeches are about the size of a python. Imagine each of my testicles were bitten by one of these python sized leeches that would not let it go until they have sucked the cum out of me. Imagine some friend of mine who were so willing to help, they pulled the python together with my sizeable testicles.

Fable Frog said I was sexually deprived.

Perhaps I was.

Should I rubber up this time? Maybe I’ll just make love with my right hand, it’s guaranteed to be safe this way.

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2 Responses to Are you positive, or negative?

  1. Raeshad November 11, 2008 at 1:28 am #

    [email protected] might be right, but it doesn’t really mean that you’ve to stop having sex alltogether though 😀

    just rubber up…..

    or, just go raw with whom you only trust….

    or, the third option >> just ignore my say and do what you want. xD it’s your prerogative

  2. Cedric Ang November 13, 2008 at 3:18 am #

    Raeshad, im still sexually deprived. I guess I missed the boy more than I thought.

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