An appology

I must apologize for this.

The reason I am denying that this blog belongs to me, is because my dad and cousin is visiting this blog.

Now that they are off the coast, I guess it is safer. I am sure it will hit many bystanders, and lots of confusion. Sometimes, if I don’t like it, I just do not want to admit anything.

For once and all, here is the deal about the hack and etc.

Yes, there was a hack, the hack was done by this guy call Starwing. I emailed him for his help, after getting a little clue here and there that it was him that did it. He says he was targeting Chan Lilian, and I was just the collateral damage.

Anyways, he hacked my personal domain, and my email and everything. I have managed to recover my hosting and my personal domain. When I created and, I did not think of getting the .com back, or how.

Now that my dad and cousin are not visiting this blog anymore, I guess it is safer to declare that I have full control back on my blog. Since I have not spoken with Lilian (yala she angry me for no reason) so I got to host this on Blogspot.

For what it is worth, I will continue deny that this blog belongs to me, and to certain some people, enjoy reading the secrets of me.

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