Ah Chung and his Boy Friend

I have met Ah Chung once, chatted with him both in IRC and on the phone. Once he asked me to meet up with him in Kepong, I said okay. He wanted me to fetch his new found boy friend as well. I thought it should be okay since his boy friend is staying near me.

His boy friend is about 16 or 17 years old, no longer study and work as a VCD seller. Chung likes those who has the “ah beng” look, or some call it “lala jai” look.

So I thought this boy friend of his must be really cute since I have met some really cute lala jais. One of the worst thing that he did is, giving me stupid road directions. I ended up in Bukit Jalil before being able to make a U-Turn.

That aside, he could have just tell me the area name “correctly” and I could have just use another shorter route!

My first impression when I looked at him, he’s one of the worst kid that I have ever seen, with his hair dangling in front of his face, the way he dress, and the way he looked. I really regret promising Ah Chung to fetch him.

On the way to Kepong, I used the Old Klang Road route. Because it was always after working hours, the road was jam packed with cars. I noticed that my car water temperature went up pretty high and I told him that I wanted the car to take a break.

It all went well, we meet up with Chung, who eventually ended up at the wrong place. You see, there were 2 KFC in that area and he went to the smaller one.

I sent them back after they had their dinner. On the way back, I jokingly touched Ah Chung’s lap teasing him, while his boy friend was in the car. Before he got his boy friend, I was always flirting with him, wanted to suck him and things like that. That time, I thought his boy friend would not mind, because to me its just a normal touch.

Chung did not talk to me ever since, until about 1 year after the incident.

We meet up again at the same place, I told him that I am horny and I guess he was also horny and he wanted me to go over to his place. Though he do not have a place for sex, but we did it in the car anyways, at the railway station’s car park.

He sucked me for quite a bit, eventually I wanted to fuck him but he just decline me saying that he’s tired and theres no place and things. I sucked him a while and decided that I want him to fuck me instead, I sat on it. Because the lack of lubrication, it did not went in all the way and it was quite painful, both of us call it a day.

I managed to find out that he had broken up with his boy friend, and also know that he previously was in love with Kelvin from Ipoh, which I felt surprised. He even told me that, it was Kelvin’s boy friend, Shinya that broke them up.

At the same time, I also managed to find out that Kelvin also had been together with Melvin from Selayang, a cute boy that I really like hugging and sucking.

** Ah Beng, Asian Chinese, often Chinese educated with poor English understanding. Always appear with dyed hair with weird colors, often gold or neon. Some goes along with huge ear rings and nose rings.

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