After the breakup

A lot of people had been asking me how did my last adventure in the zoo go. I could only say that some details has been removed to protect my dear, and of course to protect me. All in all, we took about 4GB worth of pictures. That’s about 1000+ of pictures in 7 Megapixels worth.

On a rather serious questions, do you still keep in touch with your boy friends after a bad breakup? Do you apologize before the breakup? Do you say thank you?

After 3 rather bad breakups, I had not kept in touch with any of my ex boy friends. Except for A, my last boy friend that I called when I had relationship problems. A is a sweet boy, we do not spend time together that often, or at least as much as I wanted to. When it comes to listening to me, he put it to his full attention.

Besides A, I do not talk to my other ex. I do not want to bother about my second ex, the last I heard, he hates my guts. Considering how much he had ‘used’ me to his benefits, I don’t see why he should hate me. Perhaps it was because that I have fucked him after we broke up, without giving him much of a pleasure?

I apologize, I apologize when I think I did something wrong. I apologize when I hurt someone’s feelings. I apologize to A for being too sticky to him, I apologize to him that I think I might have infected him with HIV. I did.

I say thank you to A for being a good and nice boy friend. I say thank you to A for being a good lover. I thank A for that nice loving making session that we had. I think I did wrong.

Why should I say thank you? I thought that it was appropriate that time. Thinking it back, it felt as if the fuck was, well just a fuck.

It would strike me really awkwardly if my ex were to approach me, and him start talking about his boy friend with me. That friendship just do not look or feel like any friendship at all. It felt weird when I talk with A. In fact I think A was jealous when I told him about places we went, things we eat, things we do together. A’s response was “How come we never do that when we were together?”

Oh well.

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2 Responses to After the breakup

  1. Paul June 18, 2008 at 10:11 pm #

    Just give it some time. Time to lick the wounds, patch up some before you meet again.

  2. Cedric Ang June 20, 2008 at 10:33 am #

    We are doing fine, Paul!