A trip to Melaka

Boy with black shirt

One of the most enjoyable trip with Bong and Melvin is the people watching. Bong refered that as his new hobby.

That’s right, we went to Melaka together, the place there the Dutch get hunted, and the Malays gets fucked and became the Baba and the Nyonya.

We had an agenda, to sight see, and to sight see. That’s right, food wasn’t in the main agenda, but one must eat in order to process the juicy details of the boy that you see on the street, right?

Taking time off from the relationship, I guess I pretty much needed the ‘holiday’. Short and easy trip, but it was fun filled one.

I will let the two gentlemen to talk about the trip. I will concentrate on the boys instead. hur hur hur

So, the morning started without much of a sight. They parked their car at Mahkota Parade and went over to some delirious food court for their brunch. I as sure hungry as hell. I mean, I thought it was a food trip, eat and more eat and eat more.

No, so anyways. Spotted a few cuties. Too bad that 2 were just a burden and if not I would have just went over and try to get some action.

Then I saw this sweet young thing walking past us. I especially like the one in blue.

Blue boy

Then of course, how can we deny the sweet smile of a young boy?

We walked around. Walked a lot. They guys were taking pictures of everything, I was eyeing for any pretty boys in sight.

Red boy with sexy lips


Chicken ball rice

Young boy

Boy On phone

Fountain boy

Sweating boy

Incredible 4 hunk

It was a sight seeing trip, afterall.

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2 Responses to A trip to Melaka

  1. fable October 31, 2008 at 3:01 am #

    LOL~ the boys gets younger and younger then suddenly the last pics were some young adults? 😛

  2. Cedric Ang October 31, 2008 at 1:00 pm #

    fable, I did not even notice it!

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