A random visitor, Part 2

I kinda like this Part 1 and Part 2 thing. It kinda makes the blog interesting like a TV series where at the end of the show you get a “To be Continued” thinggy.

Back to the subject, and to recap what happen.

Yesterday, I saw a stream of visitors coming in from this source. It was pointing to my post, Spit or Swallow and shortly after that, he removed his email on the site, his Multiply link and his post.

Well, Of course I have the tendacy to save up everything interesting that I see on the net, just in case people remove them, like this case for example.

Since I have no other known way to reach you, I guess this is my only mortal way to get my message across to you. Whether you interpreted it as a good thing or bad thing, I have totally no control of. Emails to you were rather pointless as I don’t know how accurate the information that I got.

Despite that, I think you are kinda cute/hot. If you were anywhere off my mark of ‘qualification’ then I have to say I don’t fucking give a damn about it.

So whatever it is, here it goes.

KhengWei, you have once again disappoint me. Being someone who can further your studies in Singapore, I would expect a person that is much more knowledgeable than any Joe who studies in Malaysia. Then again, I studied in Malaysia (and still am) so putting that as my strong point also make it a weak point.

However, I am glad that the traffic surge to your site were noticeable, I was worried that it would have your attention then my abusive typing on my laptop would have gone into waste. True enough, posting something like this might be wrong to you, but I can assure you that it is totally complient with the Terms Of Service that my hosting provider. I wasn’t seeking any enchantment by posting what I posted. I mean, you can blog about your school, your studies (wish you well in your exams!) and everything else; why am I bound to your ‘morality dictation’ where like I have mentioned earlier, it is well compliant with my provider’s TOS?

The reason you have scrolled down your browser because you thought you have a good gesture in speed reading. However, you have failed to identify the nature of the post before it was too late. Hence, any amount of warning or disclaimer plastered on the side would not suffice as it is your nature to not read.

You were saying that you don’t give a damn about what I have posted, then why are you still carry it on your shoulder? Throw away that burden, and you might live happier.

Anyway KhengWei, I am sorry that the pictures that I have posted confused you about your sexuality. Okay, maybe not that serious, but still…

Like I told you, you are kinda hot.

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