A random visitor

I have put up a little ‘disclaimer’ kind of thing on top of every page that I have on this blog.

The reason I did that is because some lost soul cry foul over some of the pictures that they see, even though the first paragraphs of cum and licks already suggested what is in place.

Thanks to KhengWei that highlighted the site for me, but I must say that you are pretty much a hypocrite yourself, don’t you think?

You are looking at a sweating person and that makes you puke, then you must be living in the North Pole because people in Malaysia (or Singapore for your case) sweats caused of the above 26 degrees of tempreture.

You cry foul the when you see Osbert licking his own cum, but you did however, volunterily scroll down your browser. Unless of course your browser ‘magically’ scroll down to see more of it, which I think would make your browser gay and you should quickly uninstall Firefox. Try with Opera browser instead, I heard they are not as gay as Firefox or Internet Explorer.

You assumed too much, I said Osbert loves to lick up his own cum, I never did said we were jacking off together. You have nothing against homosexuals, but like wise, you find them disgusting. That doesn’t really sound right. As a gay, I don’t think heterosexuals are disgusting. I mean, sex can only be 3 things.

  • Reproduction
  • Intimacy & Emotional needs
  • Symbolic Rituals

Now, for sure I am not into reproduction, not right now, not in the near future. Which leads me to intimacy with a lot of emotional needs.

Having said that, I do not just go out to any guys and ask them for sex, that’s wrong. In fact, we gay guys are cautious because not every other guys out there share the same adventures as us. Straight people can post up movies and pictures of them fucking each other, why cry foul when a gay guy does the same? Where there any kittens killed in the process? No.

Then it comes to the symbolic rituals. Did you know that the Emperors of China fucks guys to maintain the Yin & Yang within their body? Do you also know that in ancient Greece that man and man sleeps (fucks) together but must use different sexual positions for each gender?

Osbert were never my partner, nor did he dumped me. We were just gay guys enjoying ourselfs, just like you straight people jacking off looking at walls with your minds filled with boobs and pussies.

Then again, shouldn’t you be a bit happier because there are more gays out there? Less competition for you straight people, no?

By the way KhangWei, I thought that your pictures that you have posted in your Multiply were kinda hot. Well to put that in better words, I like guys with little leg hairs. Hairy legs turns me off. I could post your picture here to share with my other ‘gay’ readers how you looked like, but I think you might want that privacy to yourself. Of course, you can remove your pictures now like you have with your multiply link and email, but I think it is too late as I already saved up all in my thumbdrive. Not too bad of a sight, I must say. Come to think of it, I think I might know you.

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2 Responses to A random visitor

  1. Someone you will find interesting December 4, 2007 at 11:25 pm #

    Care to be friends ? I’m sure you won’t regret it ;P

  2. Cedric Ang December 5, 2007 at 6:15 pm #

    You sure do spend a lot of time reading my archives. Well sure we can be friends but I really dislike making friends with someone I will find interesting.