A good hug

Everyone deserves a hug once a while. I liked the way my boy friend hugs me, from the back.

A light kiss to my ears, whispering to me that he loves me really melts my heart. I mean, who doesn’t?

I like a good hug, but a good hug can turn into a tragedy if you whisper the wrong things. Like, “baby, I think I want to fuck you tonight.”


My relationship with my boy friend is getting stronger and stronger. I don’t know about you but we are making love every now and then. He is having his SPM now so we seldom meet up, but there are once that he was free and he sneaked out from that pile of books and came over to my place for a hot nice and lovely session.

I like hugging him, more than shoving my cock into him. I mean, it is not wrong to shove a cock into your boy friend, but you just have to do it correctly and nicely. He is after all your lover, and not just someone with an asshole for you to fuck and cum.

I agree, I fuck a lot sometimes. Just that night itself, we had made love twice in a row. Then there was the morning where we had sex before I send him back. It was fun, we loved it; most importantly he loves it. I mean, what’s wrong with sex anyways? Why people thinks that it is dirty and filthy? It’s good making love, especially if it was someone you all so love so much!

I can say I am truely in love, for a nice and articulate guy like him, I think he is special, he makes me think that he is special, he makes me feel that he is special, he is afterall, special!


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