A Boy in Church

It happened during this valentine celebration that my church have.

There were a few teenagers helping out, some cute boys. I cannot really remember this boys name but he was not the one that I was targeting.

Lets call them Philip and Matthew.

Philip and Matthew are in the same group. They are really good friends and they often hangs out together. They also attend the youth cell together and seems like best pal from an outsiders point of view. Our church have 2 sessions and I usually attend the second one as it would be later in the morning and after that I can join the other activity.

Philip is the cute one, while Matthew looks okay.

It was this day when the church is having some valentine celebrating thing. It happens every 2 years I think. To bring couples together, and new couples to say the vows. We were there to prepare the event for the big day.

Matthew and Philip was there the day before the event, I was there helping to set up as well since I am quite known as a good helper. It was a few hours before the event starting that I wanted to go back home and change and have a rest. I wanted to bring Philip home and I offered him and also asked Matthew to tag along so sort of encouraging Philip to join in.

It did not work as what I wanted it to be, however I managed to get Matthew to join along.

It was about 3 something I remember when we left the hotel. The party is starting at 7. We took a bus back to my house which is a 10 minute bus ride. My mind is running with my wildest imagination on what we would be doing when we reached my house. Reached home and found out that my parents are not at home. I went and took a shower. I wore only my briefs trying to create some openness with Matthew. It seems to work. I noticed him peeping a little.

I asked him to take a nap first which I check my things on the PC, which in fact, I wanted him to get on bed so I can get things started. Checking my mails was just an excuse.

He complied. He lie down back facing me, I lied down together with him on the same bed. I turned over and gave him a hug, he didnt budge.

I felt much excited; I put my hands down towards his pants. He is wearing this real loose jean pants that my hand just had enough space to go down even more.

I touch his penis, it was hard. He did not say anything, so I just continue holding his hard penis. I put my hands inside his underwear and this time he moved a bit, but not too much until my hand slipped off.

I took out his pants, he is closing his eyes. Maybe he was scared? I dont know. I turn him facing upwards and I continue taking off his pants, then the underwear. It smelt a little but that did not really bothered me. I played with his penis a little, and I bend down licking it, and putting the whole thing inside my mouth. I licked his balls and he squirm a little, perhaps it was too much for him. I lifted his legs up so that I can reach his nice hole. I licked it a little.

He seems to be enjoying it. I too wanted more from him. I took out my eros and I smear a little on his small pecker. Carefully aligning my hole to his throbbing member, I slowly sit on it. He wasnt that big but it was painful at first. I had to stop for a while before taking the whole thing in. It was good.

I wasnt sure how much would he let me go. I turned him around, smearing some eros on myself and I aim it at his hole. I am not sure if its because I cannot seem to find his hole, or was he resisting. I continue trying and finally I found the sweet spot and was in. I asked if he was having pain, he say its okay and I continue pumping him slowly.

My other hand was over him, playing with his throbbing member. I played with his foreskin, and sometimes I would stop pumping and concentrate on his member. He would then push back towards me as if he wants to get more of me.

This happens whenever is stop and concentrate on his member. I turn him around, slowly inserting myself into him, doggy style. He moaned a bit but not too loud, and I pumped till I cum, it was good.

Maybe he did tried that before, when I entered him, it does not feel tight, just the right size I guess. Maybe he really did try it before and that is why he did not mind me doing him? I dont know but I miss him and maybe we can try that again.

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