A Boy

I have met this boy online. I thought that the picture that he posted in his Friendster was real. It turned out not.

It was a Saturday, I had nothing to do. The bo called me to see if I want to go over to his place. I went over to his relative’s house to fetch him. The road direction given by his cousin sister is as confusing as Chung’s boyfriend, which I will tell later.

The boy actually stays at Serdang. When he invited me over, it was actually his relative’s house.

I had a tough time looking for his place, after asking some road directions from a nearby petrol station, I had a good laugh. Instead of taking me straight to the place, his cousin sister took for a merry go round.

Sent his cousin sister to OUG, then we decided to have some dinner, since I had not had my dinner. We ended up in Mien Tien in Taman Mayang, I ordered a jumbo honeydew, and he had a teh peng (milk tea).

I ordered Wan Ton Mee and he ordered a small dish of Hong Kong chee cheong fun. He asked me a funny question, when he saw my drink. He thought I wanted to share with him, which I really do not mind.

After we finished our dinner, we were driving around thinking where to go. Wanted to head over to Kuala Selangor to watch fire-flies but I do not know how to get there. We then decided to hang out at Genting, for some cool air after a hot day.

It was a pleasant and slow drive. We enjoyed the ride none the less, trying to keep my speed to the speed limit.

I remember myself keep on touching him, hugging him all over. He did not resist. We walked around Genting and came down 2 hours later. Even though I think it was a short visit, but I guess the time spent there is worth it. On the way down, I remember the car sliding a few times due to the heavy rain, this is when I stopped a few times and tried to convince the boy to let me blow him. He tasted so sweet.

He changed his jeans to a short pants, he was wearing a bikini briefs. When I asked him if he is expecting something to happened, he sort of kept quiet, but he did not deny the fact that he wore it to show me, how cute. I can’t remember who asked who but we became boy friends.

After we both shower, I gave him another blowjob, he sort of hinted me that it is okay for me to make love to him, fucking him slowly from the back.

He jacked off while I was fucking him, I can feel his tight anus tensed up. I bend down and lick the rest of cum up.

We then hugged and went to bed.

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