15 things I can’t forget about him

Since I keep on thinking just about L, I thought perhaps I can make a list of the things that I cannot forget about him. Things that I remember so fondly about him.

You see, in this short 5 months relationship, we have been together like well, too much. I won’t say its a good thing because the more we see each other, the more disagreement we have. Then again, I won’t say it’s a bad thing, because the period of time that we see each other, actually bonds us together even stronger.

Well, unfortunately I raised my voice and cursed at him for no obvious reasons. The only thing that I can do now is to regret my actions, and try to get him back again.

1. L has got this problem where he cannot control his tongue to remove sticky stuffs from his mouth. There was this incident where he stuffed a mochi and had problems with it. 2. His lips, really soft lips that caress me everywhere, I love them especially when it was place together with my lips. 3. L whines sometime when things do not go his way. In a way, I like it because it shows the other side of him, the child like side. 4. L walks differently, somehow, when you see him walking, you will immediately fall in love with the way he walk. 5. L will always take off his pants when he is in my room, he claims that he is hot, but usually after he take off his pants, he will hide under the sheets. I think it’s darn erotic. 6. L’s indecisive in choosing where to eat makes it easier for both of us to agree on what food to take to fulfill our appetite. 7. L speaks english with me, my first boy friend that is fluent with the english language. I always wanted that. 8. He likes to rub himself over me when I’m hugging him from the back. Somehow it feels dearly, and well .. erotic. 9. L loves raw japanese food. I think it’s healthy, he thinks it’s delicious. 10. Nothing beats having McD at 3 am in the morning. Yummilicious! 11. Actions of him when he’s shy, you simply cannot resist him. 12. The way he sleeps, looks so peaceful, so relax, so KISSABLE! 13. Movie buff, loves music. Who can deny the best form of entertainment ever ? 14. Fashionable. Someone that I would not mind going out with. 15. Talkative. The car don’t feel so silent anymore!

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