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It was hard, but I could not understand the severity of the situation; not until it hit me again recently.

It was basically a plan for us to meet up, a friend of mine from Facebook whom I was very fond of. I am not sure how to explain in this situation given that situation is faced by anyone else.

Heck, I could not have imagined the situation myself.

It was a Monday morning, boy came over to my place. He drove.

Struggling between his part time job at this apparel store, assignments with his college and other friends, he promised to come over for sex. Not because he was horny, but rather because he was so into something that I could offer, he is willing to exchange it with lust.

Not too tall, just as how I would imagined him to be. I stroked his hair, kissing him on the forehead, sniffing his freshly shampooed hair. I whispered to his ears, “are you ready?”

Boy nodded.

From his eyes, I could see what he is far away from ready; he was nervous. Not only that, he also told me that this would be his second encounter.

I met the boy over Twitter, that new micro-blogging thing that is going on right now. Our conversation were held mainly in private as he was a very closeted boy himself. We had agreed on meeting up as soon as I am back in Kuala Lumpur.

It was still early in the morning when the plane entered Kuala Lumpur’s airspace. The city greeted the sunrise with it’s unwelcoming face. Grey sky covered with smog; tall and short buildings from old to modern look; and roads flooded with all kinds of vehicles and pedestrians. Arriving at the arrival hall, there were people everywhere. All passengers impatiently raced to get off the long 16-hour flight. I got into the waiting car outside of the arrival hall.

As the driver speeds through the morning rush hour traffic, I sent out a tweet to my Twitter friend that I was supposed to meet up that morning. I arrived back home 30 minutes later.

“Take off your shirt, lets get comfortable.” I said to him while looking through his eyes. He turned to his back shyly exchanging glances while he was at it. I lowered down the tempreture of the air-con as I want it to be slightly over the comfortable chill. Exchanging body heat would then seem to be a fantastic idea. I gave the boy a peck on his cheek, and guided him over to my bed.

Lying down half naked, I rub his already erected nipples. He gave out a soft moan. Continue with kisses on his soft lips, and touching his his smooth body I slipped my hand into his underwear.

He pushed me to the other side of the bed, climbing on top of me taking my shirt off. Then my pants.

He started licking my ears down to my neck, working his way slowly towards my nipple.

His crotch was against mine, and mine against his rubbing each other. His hand slowly move down, while his lips were still locked on mine.


The alarm rang, and I woke up.

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