That New Year fuck

Christmas Eve. They say that is the festive season to break a virgin. I did, however, just spending time watching House. That series that I have been wanting to watch. At the same time, I got myself a Blu-ray box set of The X-Files.

I guess Chrismas Eve for me was spent being alone. Just me and my series. I wasn’t feeling too happy. Work has been great, but I was getting a huge pay cut to join this company. Times are bad, that’s why.

So, back to Christmas Eve. Nothing.

No sex, no interaction, nothing. Just me and my penis, stroking it, slowly.

I, however, got myself a bottle of ‘Spunk’, this so-called cum looking lubricating lotion that possibly could also be used for coitus activity. Then, I remembered, I got no one to fuck.

So, Christmas Eve, again.

Okay, enough about Chrismas Eve.

New Year Eve. Met with this pretentious arse that claimed he is from Japan but could not speak a single Japanese word. From the looks, he looked like a Vietnamese.

Asked if he was a money boy, he said no. You see, these foreigners come over to Malaysia, to make some money, being massage boys, sugar boys, money boys or whatever they could sell to get some money.

No, he is not a money boy, so he claimed.

Went over to pick him up. It was just right that the time strike at 12. Ushering 2017 in my car, with this foreign boy, speaking obviously in Vietnamese, who claimed to be a Japanese.

Went into my room. Took off my pants and he bends over to suck it.

I hate it really much when someone holding my dick and stroking it and sucking it at the same time. I mean, if I want to use the hand, I would just use my own hand and spare myself from that time of picking you up, guiding you on how I liked to be sucked or having to clean up all that excessive saliva.

I mean, it’s a fucking blowjob, you are supposed to suck with your mouth!

So he sucked, this time I laid down on my bed, literally giving me heads. I can see his head bobbing up and down, up and down.

Slow down, boy. Where are you rushing to? Trying to make me cum? You are doing a piss poor job.

I moved his hands off. Again he pulls it back, dragging my foreskin along with his stroke. I almost wanted to slap him.

Blop blop blop he continued to suck.

Hey, where are you rushing to? This thing that you are doing is not going to give me any pleasures!

I stopped him from his bad blowjob.

I passed him a condom, signaling him to put it on me. How hard is that? No, I had to wear it myself.

I put him up, so he would be able to sit on me. I passed him a bottle of ‘Plur backdoor’ lube, the one that I purchased together with ‘Spunk’ First time using, and I had a good experience with silicon-based lubricants especially for fucking; it lubricates just enough to fuck, and yet doesn’t feel wet or mushy, that kinda feeling I prefer on my clean cut dick, the fuck without the ‘splat splat splat’ sound.

It did not go well, he went on moaning like nobody business as though as my dick was the biggest that he had ever ridden on. It was harsh, it was painful for me, not because there was not enough lubrication but rather his movements and his bare butt cheeks are enough to hit my pelvic bone. Instead of enjoying the session with this pretentious arse, I was actually on the verge of calling it a day. I gave it another try, besides he’s quite the cute type, and the thought of putting my dick inside him just excites me more than anything else, at that moment of time.

I turned him, wanted doggy style. Instead, he moans even louder this time and slowly lower down his body and I was laying down on his back with my dick inside him instead. He kept squirming and moving, making each of my thrust missed its target. I tried harder, still the same.

I took it out, took off the condom and got him dressed. He thought I had cummed, and kept asking me if he was nice to fuck. I just kept quiet.

When I finally sent him back to where I picked him up from, he suddenly demanded that I pay him. He then came up with the excuse that he needed the money for hotel and what not totally contradicts his earlier stories that he is working as a beauty therapist and staying at his own place.

Well, I guessed I should have known since the beginning when he lied about being Japanese when he is, in fact, a Vietnamese.

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