Meeting someone new

I hate it that sometimes when I feel like blogging, and when I switch on my Macbook Pro and open up my blog site, that whole ‘I want to blog’ feeling just went away.

If you remember the last time I talked about The Boy was when I sent him a birthday message that eventually undelivered. Just a few weeks back, I saw him working in a boutique down town. I was not sure how should I be responding to such emotion, that I was trying really hard to avoid a face to face encounter. Partially it was because our break-up was not a pleasant one.

I met up with a friend that I got to know from Facebook. It took more than the usual hi-bye and the longer than usual nigh chats. He was in an area so secluded that he insist that I should have a GPS unit in order to find him. Eventually with my good sense of direction, I managed to get to his place.

In the car, it was that eerie silent. I don’t remember having something that I met for the first time that I could strike up a conversation with. Except for Frankie when I met up with him at his place at some secluded kampung after Ipoh.

The silent was killing me, I was hoping that 30 minute journey back to my place would end fast.

30 minutes later, I gave him a light kiss on his cheek. Directing him to get comfortable on the bed. We hugged and kissed, I took off his pants and gave his 6 incher some good work.

It was his first time, being a passive it was also his first time getting a blow job, which I found out later.

He’s got a nice and firm bottom, a very smooth skin. It was also his first time getting penetrated and we took our time trying to get him comfortable. I managed to get into his tight opening, but he was getting a little uncomfortable. Instead, I turned him around, and let his hard member rub on my hole.

He wasn’t that big, getting in was a tab easier and he did not feel much. I guess I was too loose *grin*

He fucked me, changed two position cause he didn’t like the first way of putting his dick inside me. He shot his cum inside me.

“So now you know why the top usually don’t help the bottom to get off after they finish, this is why.”

Sheepishly, he hugged me and licked my nipple while giving it a good nibble.

Our conversation ended that way, back in Facebook. It continue for a day, and then just died. Is it me or people just doesn’t talk to me anymore after sex?

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  1. shane July 17, 2011 at 9:59 am #

    I’m wondering the same thing,why do ppl don’t talk to me after jz makes me feels like a slut

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