Andrew, Part 1

It started with a one night stand; he messaged me and asked if he could come over for the night as his landlord had to pull back his room last minute.

It was the ultimate fantasy that I have. A sleep over, and then I put my dick into him when he is asleep.

It happened that night. We were rolling on the bed, then he felt asleep.  He was naked, with his bubble butt exposed to the chill air in the room. 

Earlier, he had told me that he is horny and he wants to see how my manhood looks like. I told him I wasn’t prepared to let anyone look at it if I am not going to put it into someone; it wasn’t a zoo. He forcefully took off my pants, and put that flaccid thing into his mouth. Almost immediately, that monster sprang into live, enjoying that warm and wet mouth of his.

He was pretty good of a sucker, I must say. With his tongue swirling on the mushroom head, it was orgasm by itself.

It was almost 5 in the morning. I could not sleep, still working on the proposal that I am supposed to send over to a potential client.

I look over towards the bed, his butt cheeks were exposed.

I put my Macbook Pro to sleep, stack the papers and kept my stationeries and climb into bed. Andrew startled a little but it was all good.


I lie on top of him, aiming right in between the butt crack.

Andrew let out a grunt. He woke up after that, grumpy but gave that permission for me to continue my intrusions. It took me a while to get the full length in.

“So you like fucking dead fish, ya?” Andrew commented.

It wasn’t just that. Perhaps it was the habit, but sex to me was never anything more than the feeling of shooting the wet cum all over. Even more true with it is inside someone, where cleaning will not be a chore after.

I shot my load inside Andrew. Lie down on him and we both felt sleep. I still can feel his throbbing hole slowly forcing my dick out of his hole.


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