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That Lasting Relationship

How many of us actually wish to have a long lasting relationship?

From that time when I met Nelson to the time when Milo finally came to my life, it has been a roller coaster ride. Then came Ashton and then Julian. All within that short 6 months period.

Am I a play boy as some would label me? Or am I just searching frantically for that someone to love?

When I was with Nelson, it became so unstable that we find faults with each other. When Nelson got sick, he blamed me.

It was then I met with Ashton, a boy that I have met a couple of years back.

It wasn’t a relationship back then, but we both agree to try it out, for old times sake.

It didn’t work, only lasted for a few months and we decided to just be friends.

Then I met Julian, whom I have been having on and off conversation since a year ago. He met into some financial issue and I am not willing to help because of the past experience that I had. He ignores me very frequently and it seems he is only using me for his own benefits.

What should I do now?

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The Bottom


I had always love a nice, err bottom. Bottom in this scenario being the ‘feature’ of the male, and not the role of a homosexual relationship.

But being gay is not all about sex. I never really believe in sex as I think it is well overrated. Being in a good relationship requires patience, understanding and a little bit of perseverance.

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Me worry about me

I guess I have been too accustomed to having things in my mind than to put it up on the blog.

This bad habit has to go, soon.


It kinda saddens me that when I load up the page and see that no one has been commenting on it; I used to have people commenting all the time, and the pathetic me goes into a melodramatic mode, and that worries me.

Funny, me worry about me.

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November reports

I just got to admit, I have grown lazy when it comes to updating this little space.

If it wasn’t for something of pressing needs, I would not have update.

Perhaps it is because the excuse of the workload, but perhaps it is also because I have moved on from actual blogging into a micro-blog. Perhaps, it was procrastination that should be the keyword here.

I have just got myself a newer MacBook Air. Not really something that I like because of the lack of processing power, but I kind of like it better than my iPad. AT&T gave me a call the other day asking me to go back to one of the center as they replace a new iPhone 4S for me, and also the Blackberry Bold 9900 that has some problems.

Flying back and forth to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur is tiring. Of course it wasn’t as tedious as long hauls from New York. At the very least, I have my electronic devices to keep me company.

I then have people from Dealmates commenting about my post that I have wrote about Dealmates. I know that for a fact because I have tried to login to their UniFi router and that is what their UniFi login is.

Then, there is the part where Dealmates’ affiliate tries to buy some 5 minute fame by putting some deceiving numbers about their visitors, thinking that they are too good to be true, but did not realize that the other group buying site has got 3/4 more traffic. A few affiliate after took down these posts.

Of course, after the first episode of me and Dealmates, they have made a few changes. I am glad that someone has been reading my blog posts, and do the necessary. You are welcome.

December is coming, and it will be another month of work and hectic.

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