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Now & Then

Talk about time passing by.

The last time I actually write about something was back in 2014.

The other day, when Ashton decided not to talk to me yet again. I thought I should write something.

Yeah, I somewhat got together with Ashton. After Ashton sent me his last message two weeks ago, I tried to recall how did we get together. I remembered I was dating L, then someone in between, then Nelson, then had that fling with Milo, then Julian then Ashton. I was searching frantically for pictures during that period of time, in 2008 and subsequently in 2013 to find any pictorial proofs of my boys.

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That Lasting Relationship

How many of us actually wish to have a long lasting relationship?

From that time when I met Nelson to the time when Milo finally came to my life, it has been a roller coaster ride. Then came Ashton and then Julian. All within that short 6 months period.

Am I a play boy as some would label me? Or am I just searching frantically for that someone to love?

When I was with Nelson, it became so unstable that we find faults with each other. When Nelson got sick, he blamed me.

It was then I met with Ashton, a boy that I have met a couple of years back.

It wasn’t a relationship back then, but we both agree to try it out, for old times sake.

It didn’t work, only lasted for a few months and we decided to just be friends.

Then I met Julian, whom I have been having on and off conversation since a year ago. He met into some financial issue and I am not willing to help because of the past experience that I had. He ignores me very frequently and it seems he is only using me for his own benefits.

What should I do now?

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The Bottom


I had always love a nice, err bottom. Bottom in this scenario being the ‘feature’ of the male, and not the role of a homosexual relationship.

But being gay is not all about sex. I never really believe in sex as I think it is well overrated. Being in a good relationship requires patience, understanding and a little bit of perseverance.

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Me worry about me

I guess I have been too accustomed to having things in my mind than to put it up on the blog.

This bad habit has to go, soon.


It kinda saddens me that when I load up the page and see that no one has been commenting on it; I used to have people commenting all the time, and the pathetic me goes into a melodramatic mode, and that worries me.

Funny, me worry about me.

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