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That Lasting Relationship

How many of us actu­ally wish to have a long last­ing relationship?

From that time when I met Nel­son to the time when Milo finally came to my life, it has been a roller coaster ride. Then came Ash­ton and then Julian. All within that short 6 months period.

Am I a play boy as some would label me? Or am I just search­ing fran­ti­cally for that some­one to love?

When I was with Nel­son, it became so unsta­ble that we find faults with each other. When Nel­son got sick, he blamed me.

It was then I met with Ash­ton, a boy that I have met a cou­ple of years back.

It wasn’t a rela­tion­ship back then, but we both agree to try it out, for old times sake.

It didn’t work, only lasted for a few months and we decided to just be friends.

Then I met Julian, whom I have been hav­ing on and off con­ver­sa­tion since a year ago. He met into some finan­cial issue and I am not will­ing to help because of the past expe­ri­ence that I had. He ignores me very fre­quently and it seems he is only using me for his own benefits.

What should I do now?

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The Bottom


I had always love a nice, err bot­tom. Bot­tom in this sce­nario being the ‘fea­ture’ of the male, and not the role of a homo­sex­ual relationship.

But being gay is not all about sex. I never really believe in sex as I think it is well over­rated. Being in a good rela­tion­ship requires patience, under­stand­ing and a lit­tle bit of perseverance.

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Me worry about me

I guess I have been too accus­tomed to hav­ing things in my mind than to put it up on the blog.

This bad habit has to go, soon.


It kinda sad­dens me that when I load up the page and see that no one has been com­ment­ing on it; I used to have peo­ple com­ment­ing all the time, and the pathetic me goes into a melo­dra­matic mode, and that wor­ries me.

Funny, me worry about me.

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November reports

I just got to admit, I have grown lazy when it comes to updat­ing this lit­tle space.

If it wasn’t for some­thing of press­ing needs, I would not have update.

Per­haps it is because the excuse of the work­load, but per­haps it is also because I have moved on from actual blog­ging into a micro-blog. Per­haps, it was pro­cras­ti­na­tion that should be the key­word here.

I have just got myself a newer Mac­Book Air. Not really some­thing that I like because of the lack of pro­cess­ing power, but I kind of like it bet­ter than my iPad. AT&T gave me a call the other day ask­ing me to go back to one of the cen­ter as they replace a new iPhone 4S for me, and also the Black­berry Bold 9900 that has some problems.

Fly­ing back and forth to Sin­ga­pore and Kuala Lumpur is tir­ing. Of course it wasn’t as tedious as long hauls from New York. At the very least, I have my elec­tronic devices to keep me company.

I then have peo­ple from Deal­mates com­ment­ing about my post that I have wrote about Deal­mates. I know that for a fact because I have tried to login to their UniFi router and that is what their UniFi login is.

Then, there is the part where Deal­mates’ affil­i­ate tries to buy some 5 minute fame by putting some deceiv­ing num­bers about their vis­i­tors, think­ing that they are too good to be true, but did not real­ize that the other group buy­ing site has got 3/4 more traf­fic. A few affil­i­ate after took down these posts.

Of course, after the first episode of me and Deal­mates, they have made a few changes. I am glad that some­one has been read­ing my blog posts, and do the nec­es­sary. You are welcome.

Decem­ber is com­ing, and it will be another month of work and hectic.

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Who is the bully?

I don’t know about you but I am sick of hav­ing to live with the lies por­trayed by the local main stream media.

I mean, what hap­pened to free media? Why are there so many lies in it?

Were there so lit­tle peo­ple in the Bersih rally? I was there, and with my own eyes, I could not see the end of the road. It is as mas­sive as a rave party in Ams­ter­dam, no it is more mas­sive than a rave party in Ams­ter­dam. That’s how huge it is.

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