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Every­thing goes

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Want­ed to write some­thing here, then right in front of the key­board, don’t know what to write.

When on the way walk­ing to the key­board that time, a lot of things run­ning through the mind can’t wait to be writ­ten down. Alas.

I think work has been great. Noth­ing earth-shat­ter­ing as of yet but hope­ful­ly by this time next year, I would have done some changes.

Final­ly for­mat­ted my com­put­er, some­thing that I should have done a long time. Time to upgrade too as this I think is too old. I nev­er believe that hard­ware could not last more than 10 years. At least until I used a Dell.

My friends would know me well that I am a pret­ty brand loy­al guy. When I find some­thing that I like, I would stick to that brand.

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Boys with ear-rings

I always liked boys that spots an ear-ring, two if you may; although I have to agree that not many peo­ple could pull off two with­out look­ing too idi­ot­ic, or too sis­sy.

I think I fell in love with that when I was 15, and one day while out loi­ter­ing at some city shop­ping mall, I met with an angel. He was wear­ing a cross shape ear-ring and looks real­ly adorable. I still remem­ber the look till this day.

That time onwards, I tried to get myself an ear-ring. Being curi­ous and naughty at some part, I actu­al­ly did a few holes that I am still actu­al­ly wear­ing one myself.

Do you like boys with ear-rings?

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Recording videos

Have you ever want­ed to video record the time when you are /making love/ hav­ing sex with some­one? Then on your next ses­sion with the same per­son, you view that clip togeth­er while doing it again?

I was doing it active­ly when I pur­chased a GoPro. Lat­er, I added two more to give it more ‘angles’ and I fire up my PP and start to edit the scenes. Most of the times the boys know and con­sent­ed, some­times I just ‘fug it’ and record any­way, some would protest, some just let me record any­way.

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