Playing Pranks

It was first of April and I could have known better; I got pranked.

Seth handed me the financial report. I almost crapped myself out when I looked at the expenditure and I was 250% over the budget. That said expenditure was allocated as my personal expenses.

Seth does not handle the financial records, but as my personal assistant, he does hand me in the reports from the finance department. Calls to the finance department went unanswered and dad called me on the phone to asked about it. Dad doesn’t usually look at the company finances report, lest that he called all the way from Singapore.

Breakfast was a torture. Seth packed some apple muffins from the local bakery. I thought it was weird because it looked a little bit different and I did not give a second thought about it. When I bite into it, it was laced with wasabi in its insides. Vapors of the wasabi went into the nasal, and everything else was downhill. All I could think of was to down that coffee that Seth had brought for me.

Bad idea.

The coffee was laced with salt. A HUGE amount of salt. No wonder it wasn’t hot, as it would have crystalized on the sides and I would have noticed it.

I had my fair share of pranks in Seth as well.

I wanted to get him a new computer to replace the old that that he has been complaining about. I got him a new Macbook Pro but before I gave it to him, I swap the content with the dumbbells I had in my office. 25kg of it. The look on his face was priceless when he tried to lift the box up from the ground. Good thing the box hold, though.

Then, as when he thought I would not prank him the same prank again, I gave him another Macbook Pro box, only this time, it was with an iBook inside. Yes, that bright colored clamshell Apple notebook.

If course, I gave him the Macbook Pro as promised after that.

I decided that I should bring Seth for a nice lunch since I prank him so much. So I got him to make a reservation at this restaurant that we both liked. After that, I made another call to the restaurant to call in favor.

Lunch was great, we ordered some crabs as I was craving for them for weeks. I handed a big claw to Seth. Splat Mustard was all over his shirt, as I had instructed the restaurant for the favor. Another gotcha.

Lunch was fun, until Seth received a call from his lecturer in his university that he had failed his papers and got to re-sit them again. Good thing is that we were almost done with our meal, and means that I can have more food for myself.

Of course, Seth did not find out it was another of my prank until later that day.

Who did you prank today?

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