That New Year fuck

Christmas Eve. They say that is the festive season to break a virgin. I did, however, just spending time watching House. That series that I have been wanting to watch. At the same time, I got myself a Blu-ray box set of The X-Files.

I guess Chrismas Eve for me was spent being alone. Just me and my series. I wasn’t feeling too happy. Work has been great, but I was getting a huge pay cut to join this company. Times are bad, that’s why.

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Boys with ear-rings

I always liked boys that spots an ear-ring, two if you may; although I have to agree that not many people could pull off two without looking too idiotic, or too sissy.

I think I fell in love with that when I was 15, and one day while out loitering at some city shopping mall, I met with an angel. He was wearing a cross shape ear-ring and looks really adorable. I still remember the look till this day.

That time onwards, I tried to get myself an ear-ring. Being curious and naughty at some part, I actually did a few holes that I am still actually wearing one myself.

Do you like boys with ear-rings?

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Recording videos

Have you ever wanted to video record the time when you are /making love/ having sex with someone? Then on your next session with the same person, you view that clip together while doing it again?

I was doing it actively when I purchased a GoPro. Later, I added two more to give it more ‘angles’ and I fire up my PP and start to edit the scenes. Most of the times the boys know and consented, sometimes I just ‘fug it’ and record anyway, some would protest, some just let me record anyway.

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Now & Then

Talk about time passing by.

The last time I actually write about something was back in 2014.

The other day, when Ashton decided not to talk to me yet again. I thought I should write something.

Yeah, I somewhat got together with Ashton. After Ashton sent me his last message two weeks ago, I tried to recall how did we get together. I remembered I was dating L, then someone in between, then Nelson, then had that fling with Milo, then Julian then Ashton. I was searching frantically for pictures during that period of time, in 2008 and subsequently in 2013 to find any pictorial proofs of my boys.

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